Where did it start?

While going through some files I saved from the Internet, I came across a blog comment left by a pseudonymous poster, referring to a certain controversial blogger. The date of the comment is not noted, but the comment was from at least a year ago. The commenter says this controversial blogger is “at it again.… Continue reading Where did it start?

What about the American dream?

In the early days of blogging I remember writing about the ‘American dream’, and how the idea of it became somehow confused with immigration. There were many articles in the controlled media about how immigrants were compelled to come here because of their lack of material goods, compared to our excess. And the idea was… Continue reading What about the American dream?

Trudeau’s ‘Grand Remplacement’

” ‘The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable, and we will replace them.’ The above quote is attributed to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. I first saw it when it was posted in the comments box… Continue reading Trudeau’s ‘Grand Remplacement’

Faye’s important book

I expect you’ve all heard about the late Guillaume Faye’s recent book, titled Ethnic Apocalypse. I haven’t read it as yet; I just read the review, by Andrew Joyce, on The Occidental Observer. I certainly plan to read it. Ethnic Apocalypse should be considered essential for anybody in the West who values and loves their… Continue reading Faye’s important book

Forgiveness vs. justice

Remember the shocking incident that happened in April of this year at the Mall of America? The one in which a 5-year-old child was thrown off a balcony? The boy survived despite his injuries, thank God. Now, the man who threw the boy off the balcony has been sentenced to 19 years in prison, seemingly… Continue reading Forgiveness vs. justice

Cthulhu and ‘wokeness’

Those who read H.P. Lovecraft will want to read Thomas Bertonneau’s piece at The Orthosphere. It’s titled Woke: Cthulhu Awakens. The whole society does seem to be moving in the direction of the sort of weird, sinister milieu that Lovecraft depicted in his stories, especially the Cthulhu mythos stories. Bertonneau ties it all up in… Continue reading Cthulhu and ‘wokeness’

American Reconstruction — circa 1919

When we hear or read the term ‘Reconstruction’, those of us from the South at least, tend to think of the process that was inflicted on the former CSA, but in 1919 or so, the R-word of that day was more likely to refer to the planned process of re-making not just the world map… Continue reading American Reconstruction — circa 1919

Sticks and stones

Thanks to the perpetual propaganda machine that is the media, we’ve heard a constant barrage of rhetoric, the most popular being the term ‘supremacist’. Needless to say, the term ‘supremacist’ is always paired with the word ‘White.’ The media and their masters are intent on playing ‘pin the tail on the supremacist’, and they are… Continue reading Sticks and stones

Uncharted waters

Does it seem as though the world is getting darker and darker? I mean, in the sense of becoming murkier, more uncertain, more unsettled. I’ve been saying this to people for some years now. It’s just something that’s palpable to me, and it’s distressing. It seems so many recent events are odd, unprecedented, and things… Continue reading Uncharted waters

Banishing reality

Now the left is proclaiming that anyone who uses the term ”illegal alien” must be condemned. Of course this was the panel on ”Meet the Press”, indicating the usual leftist bigotry. I would like to think that the average citizen is more reasonable and not as radically left as is the “Meet the Press” panel.… Continue reading Banishing reality