Whither America, in 2014?

I started blogging back in 2006 amid talk of amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens, and the question which was obvious back then was ‘what is an American, in this day of  mass movement of peoples to our country? If anyone can be an American just by being on our territory, then is there such a thing as an ‘American’, or is it an obsolete term?

Today, with the amnesty becoming fact, and more ‘teeming millions’ on our soil, many of us now say it’s too late for America; America is an obsolete idea, and in fact, as America was only ever an ‘idea’, an abstraction, a proposition nation, then there is no longer any distinct creature called an American.

Be that as it may, we are still here, we of the ‘old America’, the one now declared obsolete. What are we then? What does it mean to be children of the ‘old America’? Are we people without a country? Aliens in our own birthright country? Obsolescent and displaced people?

If it’s too late for America and for us, then this blog will be useless. But being the stubborn optimist that I am, I hope to discuss all this and much more, if there is anyone there to read this blog.

6 thoughts on “Whither America, in 2014?

  1. VA,
    Let me warmly welcome you back to the world of blogging. You were missed. If the amnesty announcement resurrected your blog, then it has at least one positive to it after all!

    Onward to fight the good fight.


  2. Whither America at any stage of her existence? Was this noble experiment doomed to failure from the beginning? The US was born of an aristocratic European tradition, yet the American form of government was designed as a republic. George Washington was a progressive for his day. Washington helped with programs that distributed spinning wheels and farm implements to the Indians. Some of the Indians, so called half breeds like James Vann, became wealthy farmers and slave owners. Most of the rest continued to live on the verge of starvation. Whither America of 1814? Jefferson had completed his famous Louisiana purchase, while Lewis and Clark had explored the west. Some might argue that the experiment in limited government was already beginning to fail, yet there were glorious years ahead. Whither America of 1834? The trail of tears would indicate that Washington's early efforts at what would later be called multiculturalism had failed. Whither America of 1864? The country would be ripped apart by a horrific war. The Know Nothing party's efforts to restrict immigration had failed. Whither America of 1934? FDR threw away much of the remaining limits to federal control, yet there were still glorious years ahead. America has always existed on the edge of destruction slowly sliding away from her European traditions. There is something wonderful about the notion of a republic. Lincoln's Gettysburg address is an impressive piece of oratory (even to southerners). We would like to believe that we are capable of self government. We would like to think that the majority of citizens would act and vote nobly for the good of the country. Now that even non-citizens are voting that seems a rather quaint and naive idea. All seems lost, yet we may have glorious years ahead. Perhaps even a return to some of those lost traditions for part of what was once the USA. Thirteen states is a fine number…. or even 4.

    Welcome back VA


  3. America has always existed on the edge of destruction slowly sliding away from her European traditions

    From the earliest settlement up until the 1960s, implicit White racialism was always part and parcel of Americanism (often explicit White racialism was mainstream, especially in the South which has always had a major Race Problem).

    Serious dissenters from this were marginal.

    Today it has flipped. This is the difference.


  4. Glad to see you back; my impression is that you live in Texas. I'm in Virginia, which is almost certainly lost. Anyway, it's good to know you're alive and posting.


  5. Glad to see your back – I have occasionally googled “Vanishing American” to see if you've come back, and somehow I missed your return until now. You should have emailed your old subscribers to let us know!

    Again, welcome back – you were greatly missed!


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