Another ‘random attack’ by ‘youths’?

This time the victim was a Bosnian refugee in St. Louis, MO.
And is the violence in any way connected to the riots in Ferguson?

It looks like this was a multicultural mob, with two  of the suspects listed as a black and a Hispanic. The manner of this man’s death was gruesome, with hammers as the weapons of attack.

It happened around 1:15am Sunday on Gravois and Itaska, near Bevo Mill. A man, identified as Zemir Begic, 32, was struck on the head, face, mouth, and abdomen. He was taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries.”

It’s reported here that Bosnians have been in the streets protesting this attack. Some are mentioning that the Bosnians fled from ‘genocide’ and are now being attacked in their new home. I don’t know if this is the first such attack by ‘flash mobs’ or ‘youths’ involving Bosnians; how would we know, given the controlled media’s proclivity to cover up crimes by ‘youths’ against Whites? The media should be ashamed of concealing crimes like this, and of their intentionally withholding descriptions of any suspects at large — unless the suspects are White, in which case the race is emphasized. At least the news source in this case mentions the black and Hispanic suspects still on the loose.

I wondered, when reading the report, if there is a Bosnian ‘community’ or colony in St. Louis, and there is, apparently 35,000 strong. According to this source, it is twice that number, 70,000. The linked article says this is the largest community of Bosnians outside Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The article linked in the previous paragraph mentions that a local Catholic church was inspired to try to ‘rescue’ Bosnians from genocide back in the 1990s. A member of this local church approached ‘The International Institute’, which handled the resettlement of the Bosnian refugees. Soon they were importing ’20 Bosnian families every month.’

It seems the majority of the refugees are Bosniaks, that is, Bosnian Muslims.

It may be that the murdered man’s ethnicity or religion had nothing to do with the attackers’ motives. The media will no doubt call this a ”random attack”, saying that the victim was ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ or that the attackers were ‘children’ just out for thrills, not intending to do real harm, and so on. But most likely the victim was victimized for the color of his skin. And that is not a part of the media’s narrative.

I wonder what the people who are busily bringing refugees to Western countries think about their part in this: do they ever think about the wisdom of importing ‘refugees’, often people fleeing warfare and violence, into an area that is rife with violence of the ‘urban’ kind, or black-on-white violence? Do they warn the newcomers about the dangers of being dropped down in a ‘diverse’ urban area where having pale skin is a real risk factor?

And it’s ironic that people from the Balkans, where centuries-old ethnic and religious strife have given us the word ‘balkanize’, are coming to America, where we are undergoing our own process of  ‘balkanization.’
Out of the frying pan, into another frying pan.

Nice going, globalist social engineers.

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