Conservatives still waiting

Uh-oh. The colorblind conservatives show signs of being let down by their latest black ‘conservative’ hope.

Dr. Ben Carson, the latest darling of all ‘respectable Republicans’ is in danger of disillusioning his faithful Republican admirers. And they are not easily disillusioned when it comes to their black ‘conservatives.’

Carson, in an interview with liberal Republican Hugh Hewitt, said that police officers could be ‘trained to shoot aggressors in the legs’ as an alternative to using lethal force. Evidently he does not have experience with firearms, nor realize how hard it can be in a life-or-death situation to defend oneself by ‘aiming for the leg’ of a moving target. It may work well in Hollywood movies or TV shows but real life is another story.

I feel rather sorry for the ‘conservatives’ who keep looking for the candidate of their dreams. They seem to have this idea, impervious to reality, that the GOP must find some conservative black who can speak well, who is photogenic — and, well, he just has to be photogenic and speak well. And say vaguely ‘conservative’ things about American values. Then, once having been found, he will be the ideal opponent to defeat whichever politically correct (read: minority and/or female) candidate the Democrats put up. And then, seeing a good black role model who exemplifies ‘conservative ideology’ and ‘family values,’ all those ‘socially conservative’ black voters will leave the ‘Democrat plantation.’

Herman Cain was not the one the colorblind conservatives hoped for. Alvin West, ditto. Colin Powell? He was never conservative though some persuaded themselves otherwise. And how many others have there been? Alan Keyes was an earlier version, and that didn’t work out well, either. So the perennial hope will have to be turned toward some yet unknown black.

It will be a long wait.

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