Why we get nowhere

Chris Rock is one of those black ‘entertainers’ that many ‘conservative’ Whites like, even though his material is often anti-White. But he’s funny, you see, and he makes anti-black jokes too, so he’s one of the good ones.But he recently made a statement calling for Whites to ”own” the acts of our ancestors.

The black comedian told New York magazine’s Frank Rich that racial progress in America is “nonsense” and that the only thing that’s changed is white people aren’t as crazy as they used to be.
Mr. Rich asked the comedian if white people are “adjusting to a new reality?”

“Owning their actions. Not even their actions. The actions of your dad,” Mr. Rock said. “Yeah, it’s unfair that you can get judged by something you didn’t do, but it’s also unfair that you can inherit money that you didn’t work for.”

Money we didn’t work for? How ironic that he mentions that idea.

But the part about ”owning” our actions or the actions of our forbears? That’s really rich. How about owning the actions of your African ancestors and kinsmen, when they sold fellow Africans off as slaves to Arabs, who then sold them to Whites.

All that ‘racial healing’ or the elusive ‘progress’ means to black people, based on their  rhetoric and their behavior, is that they will be more catered to, eternally appeased and accorded special privilege. ‘Equality’? That was just a subterfuge. Superior power or dominance was the goal, not ‘equality’.

I invite you to read the many comments on Rock’s statements over at Free Republic. To me, the comments made by many of the ‘conservatives’ and libertarians over there are as dismaying as Rock’s arrogance, and they illustrate why we as a people don’t successfully unite and show solidarity.

A few examples:

“My ancestors fought a four year long vicious war to free your ancestors. One of them took shrapnel in the belly, and another ruined his health and ended up dying young. I own that.”

“My ancestors came here after the Civil War, so I guess I’m safe! Whew…glad I missed that!”

“My ancestors were black, Cherokee, German, Scottish, British, Irish, Dutch, French…. So I don’t understand his comments at all!”

“My ancestors never owned slaves, but some of them fought on the side of the north in the Civil War. You’re welcome, Chris Rock.”

“My ancestors were too damn poor to own slaves. In fact, most of my ancestors died in the Civil War that SOLVED the slavery issue once and for all. Consider all debts to blacks by me paid in full.”

“my ancestors came over after the American Civil War from Germany, Belgium, Great Britain via Canada during the years of 1865 through 1881 never had an contact with a person of color. My father in the Wisconsin National Guard had to serve in Milwaukee during the Civil Rights Riots. I owe the blacks nothing.”

“On my mother’s side, my great-great-grandfather from Iowa died of dysentery in Yazoo City, Mississippi, fighting for the Union, in the war that set the slaves free. So, rich black guy Chris Rock, will you send me some reparations for that?

On my father’s side, my ancestors were still over in Sweden until the early 1900s, so that does not apply.”

“Well, my ancestors are from Mississippi, but like 92+% of pre-Civil War America, we never owned slaves (because we were poor white trash)!

So, that means that I don’t have to account for CRAP”

How is it that all the above commenters know their family history so well from five or so generations back? Truly, how many people know their genealogy that well? If your ancestors who lived during the War Between the States were, say, great-great-great grandparents, then you would have to account for 32 great-great-greats who were alive during that war. How many people can account for that many of their forebears? Darned few. Call me dubious on their ability to exonerate all their long-ago ancestors of any connection to slavery.

But suppose I buy the claim that these people know for a fact that they have not one slave-owner, overseer, slave-trader, slavery-sympathizer or anyone who benefited from slavery in their family tree. The hard fact is that before about 40 years ago, just about everybody, North, South, East, West, had views that are today stigmatized as ”Racist!” If not your parents, then your grandparents, or their parents. What we now call ‘race-realism’ was near-universal in this country. And it did not amount to ”hate” or ”bigotry” or ”prejudice”, but simple common sense. The races were different. No sane person would say otherwise. People like John Brown were the exception, not the ‘norm’ as today. The races were different; this was acknowledged, and what’s more, the differences mattered.

So in the eyes of Rock and just about every black person, all White people and/or their ancestors are guilty of taboo attitudes, thoughts, and instincts. So it won’t get you anywhere to protest that your ancestors were innocent. They were White, so they cannot be innocent, such is the thinking of black people and many addled Whites today.

So it seems, by the comments, as if everybody’s ancestors were Northerners, or poor, or immigrants who hadn’t yet graced us with their indispensable presence in this country.

Am I the only one to admit that my ancestors were not over in ”the Old Country” during the struggle over slavery, that they were in fact not too poor to own slaves, that they in fact DID own slaves, including my New England ancestors? I will also admit that my direct ancestors did fight for the CSA, and many kinsmen died in that conflict, or were dispossessed and some were impoverished as a result of that terrible war.

So my fellow White Americans are apparently pointing the finger at people like me and my ancestors, hoping we might draw all the anger. Apparently they won’t take issue with the black claim that Whites are collectively guilty, or that we ‘owe’ blacks something besides what they’ve already received. These ”not me” Whites believe that some Whites should in fact shoulder blame; they just want to be sure that they personally get off scot-free. It was those bad Whites (Southrons, the evil rich, the Founding Fathers, etc.) who are to blame; not me.

See these comments:
“My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. They voted for Lincoln. Paid in full.”

“My ancestors never owned a single slave nor did they have anything to do with Jim Crow racism.”

“Mine were here but they were poor dirt farmers like most of the rest of America, there were very few folks who could afford slaves. Not only that my ancestors from Tennessee and other parts south actually fought for the Union side so mine were fighting to free the slaves but hey, I’m white so I’m the bad person.”
There are a few people who identify themselves as Southron, who even admit their ancestors owned slaves. Post #222 by Lady Heron is one of the sensible posts. However, I have to say that some of the other Southrons truckle to the politically correct by sniveling that their ancestors were ”too poor to own slaves” so they are thus cleared of wrongdoing. And it is not true that one had to be rich to own slaves. Even those of lesser means could sometimes afford a couple of slaves.

Here is one of the best comments, @230 by FreedomNotSafety. He sums up what I find disgusting:

“…[W]hy make a point of posting that your ancestors served the Union Army and did not own slaves if not to separate yourself from those whose ancestors did?

Your not alone. Many on this forum do what you did. It sounds like you are saying, “it doesn’t matter but if it does than I am not guilty”.

Yes, this is the nub of it.
These everybody-for-himself, ”devil take the hindmost’ self-serving protestations of innocence. What these comments do is accept Rock’s assertion that Whites have to ‘own’ the ”crimes” of their ancestors (presuming that owning slaves, which was legal then, was a crime.) How can an act not proscribed by law be called a crime? Was it condemned in the Bible, was it a moral transgression? No. It was not. See the book of Philemon.

The ”not guilty” pleaders accept the idea that somebody among the White race is in fact guilty as charged by blacks. Few if any attempt to refute the idea of collective guilt or of generational guilt, passed on through bloodlines. Few if any question the very idea of ‘racism’ as being the Original Sin which is innate in White people and White people only. All these commenters protesting innocence are doing is trying to clear themselves and leaving the few of us who don’t grovel to shoulder the guilt. I believe they are in a sense offering the rest of us (Southrons who are honest about our ancestry and heritage) up as sacrificial lambs. They do not stand with other Whites on principle; they insist on giving their ancestors’ alibis: They weren’t even here! They were in Donegal being starved by the evil English oppressors! They were in Poland or Germany or Sweden, or Silesia; they were Cherokee Indians on the Trail of Tears when the crime was committed, your honor!

They present their ancestors’ PC bona fides (My great-great-whatever fought in the Union Army, freed the slaves, was an abolitionist, voted for Lincoln, ad nausaeum).
They are in effect throwing the rest of us to the wolves, letting us take the heat.
This is cowardly and self-serving.

If this is what makes up what is called the ‘right wing’ in America, it’s no wonder that we are such easy prey. American Whites have little sense of loyalty amongst ourselves, if this group is typical. The nonwhites, for example Hispanics and blacks, as well as Asians, may be ethnocentric to an extreme degree, but we have gone too far to the opposite extreme, with our selfishnes codified into ‘isms’ like Libertarianism and Republican ‘rugged individualism.’ We are no match for the would-be inheritors of our country.

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