‘Youth’ arrested in death of Bosnian refugee

Police have arrested a ‘youth’ in the hammer attack in St. Louis, in which a Bosnian refugee, Zemir Begic, was killed. The suspect is 17 years old, and faces charges of first-degree murder and one count of ‘armed criminal action’.

The linked article quotes the murdered man’s wife, expressing her fears that she and other Bosnians are not safe in their enclave in St. Louis, while a police captain assures her, telling her ‘you are safe.’

But is she? Are they? Obviously they were not immune from the kind of mob attack in which her husband was killed. The article dismisses the idea that the attack was directed at the victims because they were Bosnian. It would seem unlikely, given that the ‘teen’ suspects could hardly have known that the Begics were Bosnian rather than just ‘generic’ American Whites. It is more likely that they were targeted because they were White, especially given the stories that the ‘youths’ were shouting about getting Whites.

But the mendacious media (as some call them, rightly) won’t ever admit any such possibility.
And if the murdered man had been ‘just’ a regular American-born White, would anyone be out in the streets protesting the murder, as was the case with Begic’s death? No, because White Americans have had it drummed into us that we have no right to speak up or to protest as a group, as Whites. We can wave flags and shout ‘USA’, as the irate Whites of Pasadena, Texas did several years back, in response to race-baiting Quannell X’s invasion of the community, but we can’t carry signs saying ‘White lives matter.’ Too many of our own people don’t think that White lives do matter, because we can’t think of ourselves as White. We are all just individuals. Every (White) man is an island,  deracinated, rootless, without a people and now without a country.

Bosnians, being a very numerous minority in St. Louis, have not been subjected to the same indoctrination; they are allowed to be a people, and to stand up for themselves and their kin group. So they can take to the streets.

It remains to be seen whether they will be treated respectfully by the anti-White media; the Bosnians being mostly Moslem, may be given the deference granted to people who are not identified primarily as ‘just Whites’ of the pale, male, and stale variety so despised by the media.

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