Did we leap, or were we pushed?

I’ve just been watching a movie from 1968, called ‘The Bamboo Saucer.’ Without going into too much detail, the story involves competing teams of Americans and Soviets who find themselves with a common purpose, are forced to cooperate, despite their mutual suspicions. This was still the Cold War era, of course.

There was an exchange between the American protagonist and the lone woman who is part of a Russian team. She is supposed to be an electronics expert, which is hardly more believable now than it was in 1968.  When the American males express surprise at her being included in the mission, the male in charge of the Russian group loudly announces that ‘in Soviet Union, women are the same as men. All are equal.’ Or words to that effect. The female Russian arrogantly says that ‘in America, all women are forced to be hausfraus while Russian women are respected, and encouraged to pursue important careers, such as ‘electronics experts.’

At one point, the Russian feminist proudly boasts that in her country, men and women are the same. It amused me that the American lead character quips, ‘that’s too bad.’ I laughed out loud at that. That would never be said in today’s movies, unless the character was a villainous sexist. But he spoke truth, in more ways than one. But how did it happen that attitudes changed, turned on a dime, in just a decade or so?

If you watch our popular entertainment, movies and TV from earlier decades, you can see the transparent propaganda being presented. The movie I mentioned ended with an explicit plea — more of an ultimatum, really — for more cooperation and trust with enemy nations. After all, suppose there is a bigger threat — say, from outer space — we all have to learn to work together on this small planet. And so on; you’ve heard it or read it a million times. We’re all one race, the human race, etc.

Much of the social change in America was in fact caused by the Cold War — or maybe it’s more accurate to say that the Cold War was merely the pretext for the planned changes instituted by the people at the top. Joe McCarthy, that least respected of patriots, did his best to warn that the system was highly infiltrated by American Communist agents, and in fact the Venona messages, from records released after the fall of the old USSR, verified most of McCarthy’s charges. Yet not one person in 100, I would guess, even realizes that McCarthy was right. He was vindicated. The dishonest and deluded left, especially the media, still holds McCarthy up as a paranoid ‘fascist’, or a plain Russophobic liar. They simply ignore the evidence supporting his charges, and continue following Bill Clinton’s maxim: ‘deny, deny, deny.’ Just as they do with ‘global warming’ and any other falsehood they preach. ‘Diversity is our strength’ is another lie which they hold to, denying that ‘diversity’ means conflict, not strength.

But as I said, America’s cold war competition with Russia drove us to embrace cultural Marxism via social engineering. This may have been the plan all along, given the presence of known traitors in high places since the FDR administration, if not sooner.

But however it happened, we emulated a nation which Reagan later called ‘an evil empire’, a nation which was in fact opposed to our original values, and which was in fact working against our interests. Why adopt the values of the enemy, or of a political system which was officially anathema to us? In essence, what we did was to capitulate by becoming in many ways that which we denounced. It’s like someone, under threat from another, who says ‘you can’t kill me; I’ll kill myself. That’ll show you.’

So we adopted Russian-style feminism: teaching women that they are the equals in all ways of men; that men and women are the same and interchangeable. We adopted their practices of legal, free, casual abortion and contraception, lowering our native birth rate. Women were brought into the work force, lowering wages for all, and resulting in many children being placed into day care instead of having a mother caring for them. Many children became ‘latchkey kids’, left unsupervised, raising themselves or being ‘reared’ by the media as they sit in front of TVs or computer screens, or spent time texting or ‘sexting’. Families disintegrate. Promiscuity is rife, as religious standards are abandoned. Women have become as coarse as the coarsest men; femininity is jettisoned for ‘sex appeal.’ While feminism originally wanted to de-pornify women, later the ‘Women’s movement’ championed and promoted unbridled female sexuality, ‘slut walks’ and such.
It’s worth noting that not all feminists were women; people like Hugh Hefner announced himself a feminist, and promoted it as compatible with his ‘Playboy philosophy’ which amounted to libertinism. Women should be ‘liberated’ from their old oppressive morality, such as modesty and sexual restraint. Old-fashioned women would not fit into Hefner’s ideal world. Many men favored legal and casual abortion and universal access to the pill. Leftists like ‘Ashley Montagu’ publicly championed feminism as part of the Marxist agenda.

Oddly while the old Soviet Russia was puritanical about sex, they now seem to outdo the West in sexual license, with many Russian women involved in the so-called ‘sex industry‘, or set up as ‘mail order brides’ who are often involved in scamming gullible Western men. Russia is now plagued with drug abuse and alcoholism, as well as vices of various kinds, while they used to deride America for being full of social evils. In some senses they’ve converged with us in social pathologies.

Still, America, in a bizarre competition with Russia, rushed headlong into our decades-long mania for ”social justice” and racial/sexual equality, because our traditional mores were used against us in Russian propaganda; we didn’t want to be seen as ‘prejudiced’ while the Russians boasted about how many nations lived harmoniously within the USSR. Result: multiculturalism became our official policy, as we copycatted the USSR — our enemy. The Russians won the cold war because they tricked us into the trap of emulating them, trying to outdo them at their own game: cultural Marxism, social engineering. And now it seems we’ve outdone them in the dubious ‘art’ of media propaganda, social manipulation, thought control, as well as surveillance.

Or was this all just part of the ongoing, long-term plan by those at the top? Did it just ‘happen’ because we didn’t want to be made to ‘look bad’ by the Russians? I think that the American people were simply manipulated to believe that we ”had to” do some social engineering — integration at gunpoint, for example — in order to show that we are more ‘fair’ and ‘tolerant’ than the Russians.

And is the average American woman by nature a militant feminist, or is it just that starting in the mid-20th century, the old ‘suffragist’-type feminist was replaced by the militant Marxist-style feminist who was interested in more than just the vote, or ‘equal pay for equal work’? The mid-20th century feminism was instigated by dedicated left-wing activist women, often Jewish women, such as Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem. These were not your typical middle-American ‘hausfraus‘.

We’ve all been had. Some of us know it, though it took a while for some of us to see the bigger picture, and the overarching plan. The sad thing is that so many of us still don’t get it, or worse, who may ‘get it’ but who don’t seem to care. The remainder of those who are against traditional America are diehard, ‘mad-dog’ liberals, and worse, many are of the millennial generation who will in the near future attain greater influence. They, not the aging and aged baby-boomers, are the most liberal demographic in America, by far.

How do we go about un-brainwashing a nation? Or de-programming millions of people? It may be that it can’t be done, but the thing we must remember, for our own survival, is that it’s counterproductive to turn against those who may simply have been gullible enough to follow leaders blindly, or to view the media propaganda uncritically. Women, average women, did not create feminism; leftist zealots did, just as with all the other social justice movements. Average Americans did not agitate for forced integration, mass immigration, forced resettling of nonwhites in White neighborhoods, or ‘affirmative action.’ Only fanatical cultural Marxists, many of them Jewish, pushed for this. Average people in this land did not demand that Christian symbols, or the Confederate battle flag, be removed and outlawed. Only the extremist leftists did this. Average White Americans did not originate ‘political correctness’; those in the media and at the top of the food chain did that.

A fanatical few have done a great deal of damage, possibly fatal damage, to our society. But a dedicated few good people have the ability to undo it. The inert majority never spearheads anything; they simply go along for the ride.

One thought on “Did we leap, or were we pushed?

  1. Bella Abzug, for her part, enjoyed a long, loving marriage broken only by death, and she was a conscientious mother to the two children she and her husband had. Bella became a lawyer when few women were admitted to law schools and fewer still ever became practicing attorneys. And she was always feminine, choosing her dresses–she always wore dresses–and hats carefully. Many women, including me, admire her.

    I am seventy-one years old, married forty-eight years, and the mother of three sons who have given us five terrific grandchildren!


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