Austin PR firm offends

A public relations firm in ultra-liberal Austin, Texas has got itself on the wrong side of the PC legions. It seems the name they chose for their firm has ”racist” connotations.

Funny; if I had previously read of this firm or heard its name, I would assume that the name was chosen to show support for the anti-‘racist’ agenda by alluding to a song performed by black singer Billie Holiday, a song  which apparently alludes to lynching. The song, ‘Strange Fruit’, implies that lynching was a commonplace and frequent occurrence, a belief which animates much of the Left’s agitation. Many performers over the years have sung that song, in sympathy with what they believe to be many, many innocent victims, all of whom were black.

So the firm must rush to correct their PC transgression; a name change is apparently in the works.
Now, will the many left-wing, politically correct performers have to expunge this song from their repertoires? It would seem so. The writer of the song is, interestingly enough, Abel Meeropol, whose name I at once recognized as being the name of the man who adopted the orphaned children of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg after their execution.

Odd, that. So obviously Mr. Meeropol’s intention was to show sympathy and solidarity with the Civil Rights cause, given his ethnicity and political orientation. I think he would be shocked if he knew that his song would be taken as an indication of  ”racist” sympathies.

Incidentally, Mr. Meeropol also wrote a song called ‘The House I Live In’, which was used during the World War II era to fight ‘anti-Semitism’, and to promote multiculturalism and ‘tolerance.’ So his leftist, anti-‘racist’ credentials should be impeccable.

Strange world, when even fellow travelers and those who want to show solidarity with blacks are now being lumped along with ”racists.”

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