On our ‘uniqueness’

The following comment was posted on Free Republic by a Freeper called  ‘INVAR’. He writes in response to another Freeper, who cites American ‘uniqueness’ as being the reason why Americans haven’t yet succumbed to totalitarianism:

America may be unique, but human nature is not.

We were ‘special’ only by the Grace of God for the purpose of this people living and fulfilling the Law of God and the Gospel without interference from the rulers of men.

If we think cleansing and genocide is not possible here, I think we delude ourselves. All our weapons cannot save us without the willpower to use them in defense of liberty, and look how much liberty we have willfully lost in the name of ‘political correctness’. Nary a shot fired.

Yes, we certainly can ‘cleanse’ an unwanted group or people from society. Look what the Homosexual agenda is doing. Mark of the Beast stuff there – do not think or act according the way the regime and the Ruling Class demand? Then you cannot buy or sell. ObamaCare itself may be the impetus for as big a genocide as abortion mills became, only instead of the unborn – elderly and undesirables get no care, and we will call that ‘cost effective’ instead of a ‘choice’.

As you mentioned, we exterminated and entire generation of Americans in the womb and called it ‘choice’, as if it were a better morality than life itself.

Where is the American ‘spirit’ of liberty? Like everything else, it has been dumbed-down, redefined and remolded to fit a template that is entirely alien to these shores. Those of us who are educated or old enough to remember the truth are being marginalized, demonized and our views declared ‘extremist’ and ‘natavist’ to name a few. And this people welcomed it all with open arms.

We may say we are never going along with all this ‘hope and change’ – but as Goebbels famously said once “We already own your children”.

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