PC ”conservatives”

Here’s another example of political correctness among ‘conservatives’. The writer is somewhat on the right track when speaking of demagogues and provocateurs ‘stirring up’ hatred on the part of blacks toward Whites. But right off the bat, he incorrectly represents history, specifically the history of the South after the War Between the States, during the so-called Reconstruction period. He implies that Whites ‘fueled the flames” of ‘racism.’

Presuming one believes in the ‘thought-crime’ known as ‘racism’, which is supposed to be a unique crime or sin of which only Whites can be guilty, how does he believe Whites, who were stripped of all power in the Reconstruction era in the South, ‘fanned the flames?’ Whites were disarmed, stripped of the franchise, deprived of property and Constitutional rights in the Reconstruction South. Blacks, along with carpetbagging Northerners, Southron traitors called ‘scallywags’ and such like were in charge. Whites were subject to being terrorized by this coalition of scoundrels. How, precisely, did Whites ‘fuel the flames’? They were not protected by the ‘law’, or what passed for the law, in the South during that time. Far from bringing about equality, the War had only reversed the roles; the North wanted to punish the South for having ”rebelled” and attempting to leave the Union and go their own way. Rather than simply putting blacks on a supposedly ”equal” footing (which no piece of paper or law could ever do, anyway) they set out to put the Southron people under the heel of the North, with blacks being given license to carry out depredations against Whites.

But the writer of the Breitbart article buys the liberal narrative of the South being the land of evil racists who oppressed the poor, helpless blacks, and lynched blacks for no reason, willy-nilly. Does this writer not see how the ‘liberal narrative’ of the history of black-White relations has brought us exactly to where we are now, with a perpetually aggrieved, black population, exercising a slow-motion vendetta against Whites, and making endless demands? The point of view the author subscribes to guarantees that this state of affairs can only get worse; there is no end in sight without a drastic change in our view of history. The present simplistic view of malicious Whites oppressing innocent, helpless blacks dooms us to endless conflict and endless guilt on the part of the liberal Republicans and Democrats, resulting in more subservient and appeasing behavior on our part.

There is a desperate, dire need for history to be re-examined, and for our side to be heard. Just google ‘Reconstruction’ and you will find countless stories told from the black point of view. Hardly any accounts told from a more even-handed view can be found anywhere on the ‘Net, much less a pro-White POV, and you can be sure your local Politically Correct library will have more of the same one-sided propaganda. Until this is changed, there is no escaping this trap we are in, of forever being the bad guys in our own country’s history.

Whatever protective actions the Southrons took during the Reconstruction era were not ‘fueling flames’ but simply self-defense, or defense of family and home. This is not what you were all taught in school, especially if you attended school since the reign of cultural Marxism. I was lucky enough to have been taught factual history in a Southern school, before PC subjugated the educational system.

There is so much misinformation about the South as you read various sources on the Internet, even among people who consider themselves ‘right-wing’ or ‘patriotic’; few care about Truth or facts anymore. Half-truths are whole lies, as the saying goes, and it’s vital that we try to look for the facts regarding that vital era in our people’s history. It matters very much; we can’t understand what is happening now, or why Southrons have a different outlook on the past.

Let’s answer the falsehoods when we encounter them; I wish more Southron bloggers would write about these things. Anybody who is an ethnopatriot or a true conservative should be concerned about the misunderstandings and outright lies from all sides on these issues.

2 thoughts on “PC ”conservatives”

  1. Your post reminded me of this part of Scottish journalist Robert Somers book “The South since the War”

    The white people in the South at the close of the war were alarmed, not so much by the threatened confiscation of their property by the Federal Government, as by the smaller but more present dangers of life and property, virtue and honour, arising from the social anarchy around them. The negroes, after the Confederate surrender, were disorderly. Many of them would not settle down to labour on any terms, but roamed about with arms in their hands and hunger in their bellies; and the governing power, with the usual blind determination of a victorious party, was thinking only all the while of every device of suffrage and reconstruction by which “the freedmen” might be strengthened, and made, under Northern dictation, the ruling power in the country. Agitators of the loosest fiber came down among the towns and plantations, and, organizing a Union league, held midnight meetings with the negroes in the woods, and went about uttering sentiments which, to say the least, in all the circumstances were anti-social and destructive. Crimes and outrages increased. The law, which must be always more or less weak in all thinly populated countries, was all but powerless; and the new Governments in the South, supposing them to have been most willing, were certainly unable to repress disorder, or to spread a general sense of security throughout the community. A real terror reigned for a time among the white people; and in this situation the “Ku-Klux” started into being. It was one of those secret organizations which spring up in disordered states of society, when the bonds of law and government are all but dissolved, and when no confidence is felt in the regular public administration of justice. But the power with which the “Ku-Klux” moved in many parts of the South, the knowledge it displayed of all that was going on, the fidelity with which its secret was kept, and the complacency with which it was regarded by the general community, gave this mysterious body a prominence and importance seldom attained by such illegal and deplorable associations. Nearly every respectable man in the Southern States was not only disfranchised, but under fear of arrest or confiscation; the old foundations of authority were utterly razed before any new ones had yet been laid, and in the dark and benighted interval the remains of the
    Confederate armies — swept, after a long and heroic day of fair fight, from the field —- flitted before the eyes of the people in this weird and midnight shape of a “Ku-Klux-Klan.”


  2. angloprotestantamerican –
    Thanks for posting this; it's important, I think, as I wrote in a comment on your blog.

    I really hope fellow Southrons who may be reading this will pick up on the idea of writing a little on Reconstruction, or referencing what you wrote on your blog, because it is so relevant to what is happening today. Too few Americans, North or South, know the real history, which was written before the PC revisionists put the clamps on.


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