Enough apologies

I don’t know who this woman is; I gather she is an actress, and this Redbook statement of hers has gotten her into trouble with the totalitarians who police the media for thought-crimes. Her ‘crime’ is to say that she enjoys serving her husband and doing domestic things. And this is enough to have the the PC vigilantes hunting her down, demanding apologies?

And to make things worse, she obliged them. How is it that nobody will stand behind what they say anymore? Why do people who say politically incorrect things simply crumble at the slightest complaint or the first demand from the PC mobs? This is what gives them the power they wield: this willingness to give in easily on the part of anyone who dares speak out of turn.

This young woman’s apology is like so many politically-corrected statements: a waffling statement that denies the intent of the original ‘offensive’ statement, and an appeasing tone meant to invoke some mercy from one’s accusers. For once, I’d love to see someone stand by their original statement and refuse to bow down and ask for mercy.

P.G. Wodehouse is quoted as having said  

“It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them.”

Yes, the politically correct crowd, in this case feminists, are taking a mean advantage of all the apologies being offered up by their intimidated targets. Let’s stop giving that kind of power over to the PC thought-police. They have far too much power over the rest of us already — power which we’ve allowed them. We far outnumber them, and our voices surely can drown theirs out if we simply united to denounce this kind of badgering and bullying.

6 thoughts on “Enough apologies

  1. dfordoom – Well, maybe, though I'm not fond of the ''they have to say that'' or ''they can't say that'' defense. I wonder what her husband thinks about her having to appease the feminists and in effect apologize for saying she liked serving him.

    And there's a time to stand for principle. Who would want a career which meant such tight control over one's self-expression?


  2. “I agree she shouldn't have apologised, but it would have meant the end of her career if she hadn't.”

    Quite possibly. But this is the kind of situation where if you concede that first inch then the second and again the third concession becomes more and more likely. Next thing you know you're at the end of the road.


  3. The problem is that you can’t fight these battles as an individual. You’ll get destroyed. The leftist establishment in this case would have been quite prepared not only to destroy her career but her husband’s as well.

    The real act of cowardice in this case was a collective one. Even in an industry as leftist-dominated as the entertainment industry there must have been a few people who privately agreed with her. Or at least privately agreed with her right to express her opinion. If even half a dozen of them had come out in support of her she could have defied the Thought Police. But did anyone in that industry express any support for her?

    Leftists never fight their battles as individuals. They hunt in packs. It’s safer, and it’s smarter. Until conservatives learn that lesson the Thought Police will continue to pick them off as individuals.


  4. “The real act of cowardice in this case was a collective one.”

    Agreed. And this is the most troubling part. There are exceptions but the majority of conservative Americans appear to be very passive as their way of life disappears right before their very eyes.

    I still think that even as a lone individual, if you believe you're right then come what may but never apologize. It's unhealthy for the soul.


  5. dfordoom – yes, if only the social conservatives would show some solidarity with people who defy the PC thought police, but mostly the murmurs of support happen only in isolated corners of the Internet.
    Unfortunately the left, the cultural Marxists control the mainstream media where incidents like this are reported and the hue and cry goes up for apologies, etc. I don't know how one gets around that situation.

    månesteiner – good points. Even an individual can (possibly) make some difference on a small scale, and maybe a ripple effect could move outward to the wider society. I do believe we have numbers on our side; if only people stuck together our voices could be amplified and be heard.


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