Murders in Paris: what next?

My sympathies go out to the family members and friends of those murdered by Islamic
attackers in Paris. Though the murders are shocking they can hardly be surprising. Anyone with a brain and common sense knows that with many Moslems living in the heart of our home countries, former Christendom, there will be attacks and atrocities like this. Guaranteed.

The people who rule over us are insistent, adamant, that we must allow these hostile and volatile people, people who are millennia-long enemies of ours and our ancestors, to live freely amongst us, according to their whim. We, however, are to have no say about their ”right” to come here and live amongst us. We would never be allowed, in our vaunted ‘democracy’, the democratic right to a referendum on immigration; no, we must accept the rulings passed down from on high, from our ”elected” leaders, and from the un-elected ‘United Nations.’ So Moslems are allowed, no, encouraged, no, welcomed to come and live amongst us, and if we have an objection to that, we are not allowed to freely express those objections. In some Western countries it is now a crime to criticize immigration and though it is not yet criminal here, it can’t be spoken in ‘respectable’ circles without being drowned with cries of ‘racism’, ‘hate’, and ‘xenophobia.’

So, we are unwillingly being made targets of those Moslems who act as surrogates for the others in attacking critics of the Moslem founder Mohammed, as with the leftist journalists and cartoonists who were the targets of the attacks in Paris. And this is with the tacit approval of our ”leaders”, who invariably mouth appeasing statements toward the ”islamic community” and pleas for ‘tolerance’ on the part of the native population. Then comes the inevitable wave of articles sympathetically reporting that there is a ‘fear of a backlash against innocent Muslims’, fear of ‘hate crimes’ from the general population. Never mind that there has never been a significant backlash on the part of the majority after any of the numerous ‘isolated incidents’ of Moslems killing non-Moslems.

Some bloggers wrote that they expected these murders in Paris to cause a change in attitudes in Europe, not just in France. Supposedly the native European population will be galvanized or harden their attitudes toward Islam, or that they will oppose the worrying tide of immigrants from the Third World, a tide that never seems to stop, only to grow.

Will this expected change occur? For the good of the people of France and for all the European peoples, we should hope so. But will it? My hopes aren’t high. Look at what happened following the recent hostage murders in Sydney. Granted, Australia is not France; we are not all the same, even among people of European descent. But in all Western countries, the politically correct indoctrination is so deeply and firmly entrenched, even among the more traditional segments of society, that there are more people who, (perhaps led by the PC media) rush to show their sympathy for their ‘moderate Moslem’ neighbors or co-workers or that nice man who owns the convenience store. Lefties are out in full force decrying ‘hate’ and asking why can’t we all just love each other and be a ‘welcoming and inclusive society’. Will this event, then, break the conditioning and pave the way for the natural and healthy response to such attacks — the instinct to show solidarity with one’s own, one’s home and family, one’s neighbors? Self-defense and the instinct to survive as a people — those are natural and healthy responses. People without them don’t last. Now we’ve had it beaten into our heads by media, by ‘government leaders’, and by the schools, that it’s bad to care for our own: our kin and kind, our heritage, our way of life. Our territory; ‘land where my fathers died,’ as we used to sing in our schoolrooms.

After 9/11 I naively thought that our leaders would close the borders to people from hostile countries, and start to halt mass immigration. But while the ashes of the victims still smoldered, we had George Bush telling us ‘Islam is a religion of peace.’ So much for our leaders’ loyalty to us. So much for ”conservatives” being patriotic or ethno-loyalist. And what happened after the attacks in Britain on 7/7/2005? Or after the train attacks in Spain on the eve of an election? Or after the deaths of Theo Van Gogh or Pim
Fortuyn? Or after the Fort Hood attacks in which disarmed soldiers, on an army base, were killed by a uniformed military officer, a ‘doctor’ of Middle Eastern origin and Moslem faith? In the last case, a General Casey had the colossal gall to say that the deaths were tragic but if the army’s ”diversity” were to suffer, that would be even worse.

And I haven’t even mentioned so many other attacks, including the atrocity of Lee Rigby’s murder in London.

How much of this must we accept? How many times must we foolishly pretend that these are ‘isolated exceptions’ carried out by ‘a few bad apples’ or ‘a few radical extremists, who don’t represent their faith’? I asked after 9/11 and I ask now: where are all these ‘moderate moslems’? Fox News likes to trot out their hired ‘good Moslems‘ or converts who speak out against their faith or former faith, just to keep us reassured that ”they’re not all like that”. The truth is that these people serve their faith and their co-religionists ultimately, whether they intend it or not, by lulling us into trusting that we can trust some moslems, maybe even most of them, because it’s just the few making the many look bad.

We can no longer afford this naïve wishful thinking, if indeed we ever could.

I honestly hope that there will be a sea change in Europe; I hope that they might show us the way. Truth be told I think most Americans, at least today’s ‘melting pot Americans’ who are not the same as the founding stock, are followers, not leaders. Europe will have to show us the way, rather than vice-versa. Maybe they can inspire us by example, and our sheeplike conformity will give way to something sterner. If not, then the future doesn’t look good for us; we will possibly end up as a northern Brazil, speaking some corrupted latinized form of English, but otherwise unrecognizable to our forefathers. I don’t like to think of our European cousins, especially the French, being part of an Islamic caliphate in Europe, and the whole continent subsumed into the Third World.

Will any incipient ethnonationalist/ethnopatriot movement be crushed by the totalitarian left, or co-opted by some kind of ‘inclusivist’ proposition-nationalism? We’ve seen that with some of the ‘nationalist’ groups in the UK which want to be multicultural, as well as the Scottish ‘Nationalists’ and the Sinn Feiners in Ireland. I think this is a strategy that is being employed to neuter and render useless all ethnonationalists, and it’s happening somewhat with the Front National in France; witness the many photos of Marine Le Pen with Moslem party members. In this country it’s called the ‘Big Tent’ strategy, beloved of the Republican Party. Big tents, however, usually house freak shows, and this kind of thing is to be avoided. This bow to multiculturalism is always done in the name of appealing to the ‘masses’ and getting more warm bodies on board, while quality should never be sacrificed for quantity, or just for sheer numbers.

It does not take a majority to bring about significant change; it takes a dedicated and determined minority, as our ancestors knew. The majority will be brought along when the time is right, andn these attacks may — or may not — lead the people to follow the ethnopatriot path rather than the path off the cliff to oblivion.

3 thoughts on “Murders in Paris: what next?

  1. Sadly, I believe you're correct. Although, in recent years, there has been a noticeable change in the online discussions, we're a long, long way from having any power at all. All we can do is keep chipping away. Thank you for your efforts.


  2. OA – Thanks, and I see you are writing more lately, which is good.

    AnalogMan – thanks for your kind words. Yes, there is more honesty in a lot of online discussions but there is still some way to go before we might have any kind of real breakthrough. But we just keep on 'chipping away', those of us who are beyond political correctness.


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