Solidarity? With what?

It should be heartening to read that some 1.5 million turned out in Paris for the march on Sunday — but what was the march for? Or against? Was it against open borders? Promiscuous immigration policies? Multiculturalism, with its destruction of the West’s culture(s)?

Or shall we ask what the march was for: was it for the native, genuine French, or for other indigenous European peoples whose lands are being given away by the totalitarians in seats of power?

Whatever may have been the original intent of the march, as it was conceived by whoever planned it, it was turned into a grotesque “unity” carnival, with signs denouncing something called ‘racism’. And it purportedly stood for ‘free speech’, which apparently means obscene and blasphemous anti-Christian cartoons such as those created by the Charlie Hebdo staff, and possibly a few irreverent cartoons of Mohammed for some ‘balance’. But most of the politicians marching are outright enemies of real ‘free speech’, as most of the countries they represent jail people for dissenting opinions. Look at poor Emma West in England, jailed and separated from her child because she told immigrants on a bus they didn’t belong in Britain. Did she threaten them? Attack them? No. She only spoke rudely to them, saying things that no doubt million of others in the colonized West have thought and felt, but did not dare to say. And plain old rudeness is not a crime; if it were, the jails would not be able to house all the offenders.

The fact is that immigrants (especially the illegal ones) do not belong in the countries they now occupy, and this includes the Charlie Hebdo shooters. Emma West just made an observation that was common sense up until a generation ago, at most. And if the Emma Wests had their way, there would not be random terror attacks in Western countries. But it’s  because the politicians of the ilk of David Cameron and Francois Hollande and that Merkel woman hold power that these attacks are made possible. And those quisling politicians are as ready as any old-time Cold War Communists to make sure that nobody can criticize the Powers-that-be without consequences. Free Speech? Those politicians should be ashamed of their rank hypocrisy.  Imagine the sheer gall of pretending that they are champions of ‘free speech’.

The sad fact is, it appears that the march, if it was intended to be pro-French and anti-multiculturalism, was co-opted and made into another politically correct propaganda-fest. The left/globalists/multicultists were unwilling to let any ethnopatriots or ethnoloyalists be included; the passive masses must be steered away from anybody who does not conform to the ‘official narrative,’ and above all, nobody must be allowed to form any forbidden sympathies, such as identifying with their own kindred group, and supporting their own national and cultural interests against those who are openly hostile to those interests. When outsiders are killing your people and defacing your homeland, the natural response is to close ranks and oppose the threatening outsiders. This is human nature; it’s instinctive. It’s healthy. It’s conducive to survival. And we can’t have that. We must get the people back on the reservation, and avoid their being exposed to any dangerous, politically incorrect ideas.

Marine Le Pen and her Front National party were disinvited from this propaganda-fest. She has been making statements to the effect that France must ‘declare war on Islamic fundamentalism.’ Now she may just be choosing her words carefully but this phrasing is reminiscent of what our American mealy-mouthed political classes have been saying since 9/11. These politicians tell us that we are not at war with the Moslem people; oh no, that would never do. And we are not at war with Islam, because it is (at heart) a ”religion of peace”. But we are at war with an ideology; a political idea. Islamic fundamentalism, some call it; other say ”Islam-ism” to differentiate it from ‘true Islam.’ Or some say we are at war with a more generic ideology: extremism or fundamentalism, which absolves Islam of any real blame. It’s just extremism, which after all includes the ”extreme right-wing” or ”extremist Christians”, so it’s safe to declare war on such an amorphous and — dare I say it? — inclusive target.

So with due respect to Marine Le Pen, I would say the enemy is not an ideology. It’s not an -ism, though it might be handy to pick a target that is impersonalized. But the fact is, ideologies don’t kill people — people kill people. 

And the ideology called multiculturalism, or cultural Marxism, has racked up quite a body count, for a system that claims to represent ‘peace, love, and unity’. Islam+multiculturalism — a very unhealthy combination.

One thought on “Solidarity? With what?

  1. No matter what happens the Europeans will not fight back. They lost their will to survive after the two world wars. The conclusion they drew from those conflicts is that it is always better to surrender than to fight. When you add half a century of cultural marxist and feminist conditioning to that there is no chance they will resist.

    Europe's motto is, “Better to live on your knees than to die on your feet.” Of course those who adopt such a motto usually ending up dying on their knees.

    Honesty, you can't blame Moslems for despising that sort of cowardice.


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