The ‘right side’?

Fox News’ Shep Smith gets in a little dig at the South when he mentions same-sex “marriage”:

“Not in every case, but in most cases, the same states which were fighting integration are fighting this as well,” Smith said. “Those states which always seem to be behind the curve for reasons which are explainable and understandable.’

 Notice he uses the term ‘behind the curve‘, that is, ‘backward; behind the times’, or ”on the wrong side of History” as Shep’s fellow-travelling lefties like to put it. And of course their side, always the radical, anti-traditional, anti-Christian side, is on the ”right side of history.” Shep mentions ‘inclusion’ and anti-discrimination as being the evolved and enlightened ‘right (read: left) side of history.’

The Supreme Court decision which ended the several states’ bans on interracial marriage, ‘Loving v. Virginia’ in 1967 paved the way, in fact, for the current crusade to end all state laws against same-sex “marriage.” Shep Smith’s viewpoint is that it is good and right that the states were no longer allowed to set their own laws on interracial marriage, based on the majority opinion of the citizens of those sovereign states. That this diminishes the power of the states (and ultimately of their citizenry) in favor of the power of a centralized federal machine is a good thing in the eyes of Shep and his leftist comrades.

One thing Shep (who is apparently Southern by birth and upbringing) should know is that even most citizens of Northern states once believed interracial marriage was wrong. It was not just the ‘backward’ Southrons who believed such things. Shep probably knows this, but he seems to be one of those Southrons by birth who are ashamed of traditional Southrons, embarrassed by them, and just like all anti-White Whites, he is ashamed of his roots. Many of the younger (although Shep isn’t that young) Southerners are like that; they not only shed their natural accents but choose to reject their heritage and the ways of the older generations of their families. Sad. This kind of  ‘White’ person tsk-tsks about ‘self-hating minorities’ who are not militantly proud of their heritage but they hate their own roots. Ironic.

I read of a recent TV documentary out of Europe which presents a real-life pedophile in a sympathetic manner — which should shock and outrage us, though I am afraid most of us have become shock-proof lately. But this documentary (which I have no desire to see) will probably, in ten years time, be hailed by the left as a ‘groundbreaking’ piece of art which advanced the cause of human rights. After all, nobody can help who he or she loves, right? There’s a gene or something that creates homosexuality, say homosexuals and their heterosexual fanboys and fangirls. ‘How can we judge them for something they can’t help? And if it’s true love, if it’s loving and consensual, how can we say it’s wrong?‘ Yes, that’s how Loving (!) v. Virginia was presented to the politically incorrect American citizenry, and now most people agree with that thin argument. So we now think that interracial marriage is OK, even good, even superior, even desirable, according to Nicolas Sarkozy and millions of other leftists, and now we think homosexuality is an act of ‘courage and bravery’ — as the congregation in Ireland who stood up and applauded their priest for announcing his homosexuality.  So what will be the next frontier? Polygamy? My money is on that one; we’ve got the Mormon precedent, plus Islam, which is feeling its oats, in favor of it, as well as many men who say that men are not meant to be monogamous. So it will be legal next. Then what? Marriage between close relatives. And then? I shudder to think.

But if we accepted Loving v. Virginia, then the current ‘gay marriage’ legalization, then we have left ourselves no grounds on which to oppose the next ‘frontier’ wherein the left pushes the envelope.  Slippery slopes are, well, slippery.

H/T : Countenance Blog

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