Respectable Republican favorite favors more immigration

I could never buy into all the hype among Republicans about Ted Cruz. The same crowd of ‘respectables’ who were gaga over Cain or Allen West are now going on about Cruz being the savior of ‘conservatives’ and the GOP.

But maybe not.
His press office released this news:

“U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) today presented an amendment to the Gang of Eight immigration bill that would improve our nation’s legal immigration system by increasing high-skilled temporary worker visas, called H-1B visas, by 500 percent. The measure would effectively address the needs of our nation’s high-skilled workforce by helping meet the growing demand for workers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. It will also make block grants available to states to promote STEM education efforts and increase domestic STEM professionals. The committee voted against the amendment 4 to 14 with every Democrat voting against it on a party-line vote. “I strongly support legal immigration. Legal immigration is a fundamental pillar of our nation’s heritage, and I was pleased today to offer legislation that would have improved and expanded legal immigration by dramatically increasing the cap for high-tech temporary worker visas. This amendment would not only improve the current system, but would also encourage economic growth and create new jobs in America. There is currently a serious shortage of workers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, yet every year we send thousands of high-tech graduate students back to their home countries to start businesses and create jobs. This makes no sense.”

No, what ‘makes no sense‘ is to add yet more immigrants to a country that has already been dramatically changed by the presence of tens of millions of immigrants, virtually all of whom come from Third World countries, and from cultures which could not be more incompatible with our own.

It’s a given that most of the H-1B visas would go to people from India or that region of the world, and we have far too many native-born, intelligent Americans who have lost jobs in the IT industry ever since this craze for importing help from the Subcontinent began. I know of several individuals who have had this happen — this replacement by Hindu workers, who, I am told, are not as good at their jobs as were the Americans they replaced. Yet it still goes on. And here is Sen. Cruz, having been set up as the only real ‘conservative’ candidate, proposing it.

If you are not conservative on immigration, then you’re not ‘conservative.’ Period. Full stop. End of.
What is there to ‘conserve’ once we’ve overturned the demographics of this country, and replaced the core population with people from a dramatically different origin and culture and religion?

Whoever programs the ‘average Republican‘ with their parroted talking points has done a good job. Now the average self-described ‘conservative’ rattles on  about ‘culture’ and ‘assimilation’, as if a few citizenship classes or a half-hearted stab at learning English in an ESL class can make an ‘American.’

And there are still, honest to gosh, Republicans who go on and on about how ”legal immigrants are good. I’m in favor of immigration as long as they do it the legal way, the right way. Illegal immigration is bad but legal is good; those people stand in line and work hard and want to become real Americans, just like our immigrant ancestors did”. Ad nausaeum. And if you read Cruz’s statement in the quote above, you will see he trots out this old smokescreen of ‘legal vs. illegal’ when it’s a mostly irrelevant distinction. It’s important only if you have hairsplitting legalistic concerns about ‘doing it the legal way.’ If I remember correctly, some if not all of the 9/11 hijackers were here legally. The Tsarnaev brothers were here legally, and according to this Business Insider article, fit the description of the kind of ‘skilled immigrants’ sought by the immigration-pimps in Silicon Valley.

And then, we mustn’t forget the American-born ‘Dr.’ Nidal Hasan, the perpetrator of the ‘workplace violence’ at Fort Hood, Texas. Apparently his parents’ were legal immigrants, and were welcomed with open arms. So whether immigrants have all their papers in order does not tell us much about their potential desirability.

And in a country of 320 million or so, and counting, with immigrants coming in their millions, why on earth does any politician need to be promoting and agitating for more immigration? Why?

It might be interesting to see who the big donors are to Cruz’ campaign. Or to look honestly at how having recent immigrant ancestors causes bias, conscious or not, in favor of immigrants and immigration. Jeb Bush and his Hispanic family obviously bias him (and the whole Bush clan) in favor of immigration, most especially Hispanic immigration. George W. Bush, too, made that amply clear during his time in office.

Our founding fathers and later generations of Americans, before the era of mass promiscuous immigration, made it explicit that a foreigner must not hold high office in this country, and I think it should be stated that anyone who is a first-generation immigrant at least might also be naturally biased toward immigrants and especially those of one’s own blood. Recent immigrant ancestry brings mixed allegiances.

This country has gone so far away from its founding ideas, and has gone so far off the deep end in embracing immigration — indiscriminately, if we look at the statistics — that we absolutely must see a swing of the pendulum back in the other direction.

But if the very people who are supposed to stand for preservation, ‘conserving’ and continuity in the nation are as indoctrinated as the ‘liberal’ portion of the country, then the future for this country looks bleak.  A ”nation of nations”, as some starry-eyed melting-pot enthusiasts like to call it, is no nation at all. It is a Tower of Babel, a ‘polyglot boarding house’ as Pat Buchanan, I think, said. And it’s ultimately a ‘house divided against itself’, which cannot stand.

4 thoughts on “Respectable Republican favorite favors more immigration

  1. Ted Cruz as a super booster of H1b is very important news. It puts paid to all the talk of Ted Cruz as a conservative as you point out. Cruz is another pretender.

    It also shows he is not one of us in any way. I don't think he is natural born and this shows why this provision should exclude him.


  2. I had to publish my comment twice it seemed to get it to come out. I had submitted a comment a few days ago, but probably did it only once. I had thought it was held up in comment approval.

    Others may have had this experience and be waiting for their comment to be approved. Actually, it was never submitted.

    A little preview box comes up and has publish in a blue box at bottom. When you click on that publish, it doesn't actually publish. You still have to click on Publish Your Comment in the orange box.


  3. The two wings of the Zionist Party behind America cannot come up with a decent candidate between them. How strange – NOT.

    “Our” institutions are packed with their freemasonics and chosen, and we choose to ignore it. “We, the people” have no candidates – and we never will until “we” make it happen. In the interim we will contend with everything bad – going toward worse. More police state anyone?

    You already know many of the “stories” happening to “someone else”, but this is happening to a family whose 7 children were taken away, and it illustrates the dangers with which we are all faced:

    “There was absolutely no scientific, legal, nor prima facie basis for this home invasion. It was a blatant example of an illegal, inappropriate, and therefore abusive, use of force. The law enforcement officers were simply “following orders,” unaware and unconcerned whether the search warrant had any basis in fact or reality.

    Yet, this suggests that they believe they can take “prophylactic” actions such as these, even if actual laws haven’t been broken.

    If laws haven’t been broken, it’s not law enforcement.

    However, it is an “F-word” of another order; fascism.”

    More details about the home-schooling, so-called prepper Stanley family.

    “Stanley claims he’s never had a run-in with the law or contact with police before this incident.

    “Unless they stopped to buy vegetables,” Stanley said of law enforcement. “I’ve never had a speeding ticket.”

    Neighbors praised the couple’s childrearing.

    “We’ve seen the family grow up,” one said. “You know, the sound of children playing and laughing. You see them jumping on the trampoline.”


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