The edifice of lies

The Umpqua Community College killings are getting everyone’s attention at the moment, it seems.

The first reports I heard — from a friend, actually, rather than from the Mendacious Media, had the shooter assumed to be a White male — of course. And someone said that the location of the incident — in small-town Oregon — would almost rule out a non-white perpetrator. This is absurd, as Oregon is now a very “diverse and vibrant” state, what with massive illegal immigration of Latinos, and then there’s the fact that in whatever college, no matter how small or obscure it may be, there are the inevitable foreign students, either children of immigrants or recent arrivals as ‘refugees’ or whatever from Moslem countries. In the past, immigrants tended to concentrate in urban areas, and mostly near the coasts. Seldom did they exist in any numbers in small towns. Now this is no longer the case. Even small towns, in heartland America, are ”blessed” with diversity.

And of course the killer was not a ‘White guy’, nor is he even American-born, apparently.

The media narrative is that it’s about guns, or about the poor shooter’s mental health ”issues”. For the Free Republic crowd, the thing that matters above all is his apparent Islamic background. But nobody in the media will address the apparent anti-Christian motive he had — asking his victims their religion, then shooting in the head those who said ‘Christian’. And nobody will mention the factor (almost always present in these mass  shooting) of psychoactive drugs. Why? Maybe because psychology and psychiatry and their pharmaceutical panaceas are sacred cows in our post-Christian society. Psychiatrists and psychologists are our high priests now, and there will be an army of such ‘experts’ all over the 24-hour propaganda news channels over the next few days. And they will spout the usual drivel about his childhood, his rootlessness, his ‘broken home’, and given his mixed racial background, probably ‘racism’ will be the main culprit for the way he turned out. It was not his fault. He was ‘hurting inside’. The common wisdom says that anyone who commits a heinous act of violence must be ‘hurting inside’, poor baby.

The regular conservatives will say he was a mixed-up kid who was radicalized by Islam. And maybe there is some truth in that. But above all few people will note the racial angle, unless there are claims that he was a victim of ‘racist’ Whites.

These shootings always follow a predictable pattern. And yet nothing seems to be learned from them. All that results is more clamor from the left for the banning of private gun ownership, repealing the Second Amendment.

Whether the powers-that-be, including their Media mouthpieces, just opportunistically exploit these shootings to eat away at support for the Second Amendment, or whether these incidents are somehow engineered-to-order, as some people assert, the fact is, the System
benefits from such atrocities. They are viewed mostly as opportunities by the left, in order to frighten the easily panicked portion of the population or to wear down the uninformed middle-of-the-road types whose support for their Constitutional rights is lukewarm.

Anyway I expect the news to report that this Harper-Mercer guy was on some kind of antidepressants or other prescription meds, but no one will dare suggest a cause-and-effect relation, despite the multitude of such incidents in which psychoactive drugs were involved. Far too many Americans are themselves being dosed by their kindly family doctors and psychiatrists with various drugs — anti-depressants, drugs for ‘ADHD’ and so on. As long as so many Americans are using these things, nobody wants to question the safety or wisdom of taking them. And why are so many Americans so medicated? Perhaps because they have bought the post-Christian worldview in which life’s problems are due to ‘personality disorders’ or ‘mental issues’ which can be medicated out of existence.

That, again, leads to the question of why so many of us are so unhappy. Perhaps because our once-very-liveable society is breaking down. Incivility is everywhere, even in my small, mostly Christian town. Standards and morals have fallen by the wayside. Our country has been divided every which way: politically, ethnically, religiously, generationally, and by sex. Our country has been sold out from under us, as tens of millions of immigrants (legal, illegal, it matters not) and now ‘refugees’ are being seeded even in our rural areas and small backwater towns. Unemployment is high, and our ‘experts’ and officials lie to us about it.

Of course we are not a happy, contented nation. Medications keep many people zombie-like, stifling their normal feelings, flattening their emotions and responses, so I’ve been told by people who are chronic users of anti-depressants. This suits the powers-that-be, I’m sure. It’s made us a passive, though discontented, people.

And if there is such a thing as ‘illness of the mind’ (mental illness) it is that mindset called ‘liberalism’ or ‘progressvisim’ or whatever you may call it, which causes people to live within a lie, an elaborate false world, in which all people are the same; race does not exist. A world in which everybody can and must live in multiracial communities and pretend their differences don’t exist. A world in which women are just as good as men at being warriors, police officers, firefighters, and even prison guards. A world in which ‘male’ and ‘female’ are social constructs, along with race, and anyone can decide he/she is of the opposite sex and force the rest of us to affirm their delusion.

Because the ideologues who are in control in this country is so insane, there is no chance that they can solve the insoluble problems which they themselves have created. The ‘mental illness’ called egalitarianism/liberalism/progressivism led us to this situation with the Chris Harper-Mercers running amok, (and the Chris Monforts, the Colin Fergusons, and all the rest). Banning guns will not help. Apparently the ‘surveillance state’ couldn’t even use their mountains of data to stop the Tsarnaev brothers, or the Fort Hood killer, though they had enough information to do so.

So what good is all that data they gather on all of us? How does it make us safer?

Above all there is this ever-present racial issue which touches on all the important problems of our time: not just black/White conflicts, but mass immigration and the ‘refugee’ Camp-of-the-Saints scenario in Europe.

And it cannot, and will not, be addressed honestly as long as those who control the narrative stay in control.

When will the whole edifice of lies come down?

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