A coat of Whitewash

There are accusations that CNN has displayed a photoshopped or otherwise doctored photo of the Umpqua Community College killer, showing him looking very ‘Caucasian.’ And there are the skeptics on the right who say that there’s no evidence CNN published such a photo, or displayed it on a newscast, citing lack of evidence.

If they had used such a photo, surely it could have been scrubbed when necessary, just as with the online social media presence of the shooter appears to have been? And if someone out there had screen-capped the photo would that constitute credible proof for the skeptics?

The indisputable fact is that if the ”mainstream” media did such a thing, it would hardly be the first time, nor would it be the last.

I don’t know who captioned the above shot of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, but the caption is dead on. CNN, the accused in this episode of apparent manipulation, is one of the most biased of a very biased bunch of  ‘journalistic’ outlets, surpassed possibly by MSNBC.

So we don’t know, with 100 percent certainty if this doctored photo of Harper-Mercer (or Mercer or Harper or whatever) is CNN’s work:

 If the photo is a hoax, as some on the right say, what would be the motive? To damage the credibility of CNN or the ”mainstream” media? To impugn their integrity? Really? What integrity? What credibility?
The ”mainstream” media, we know, deliberately deceives when it comes to matters racial. I’ve already mentioned the egregious George Zimmerman case, in which they kept telling us he was ”White”, despite having Latino (Indio) ancestry as well as some African ancestry some generations back, per reports. The photos of Zimmerman the media kept using either were given a reddish saturation to give him a very unconvincing ruddy complexion, or they were lightened to give him a White-ish look. The doctored photo on the right, above, is scarcely more convincing than the Zimmerman bleach job; the photo portrays someone who looks more albino, like some albino blacks I have met. Despite the deliberate narrowing of the nose and nostrils (and lips) on the photo to the right. the features suggest African ancestry to me, especially the prognathic look of the jaw.

Contrary to what the official orthodoxy tells us, race is not just about skin color. It is more than skin deep. It goes to skeletal structure, head shape, length of arm and leg bones, shape of the pelvis, shape of the feet, and more. That’s why forensic pathologists or anthropologists can assign a race to skeletal remains.

How stupid do the media deceivers take us for?
Very stupid, apparently. But they will need more than crude Photoshop skills to misrepresent someone’s race. It is not a social construct, but a construct of nature — or God. And yet they work (with some success, I’m afraid to say) at blurring racial categories, making the average White American very confused as to race and ethnicity. They’ve got a good percentage of people believing that race “does not exist.”

Hoax or genuine? CNN guilty of visual deception (or an attempt, at least, to deceive), or innocent, and framed? I don’t know.

But here are just a few things we all know:

1. The media, perhaps under orders from, or in concert with, the authorities, deliberately omit race in descriptions of crime suspects being sought by police. They risk public safety in favor of political correctness.

2. The media, verbally and visually, made obvious attempts to deceive the public about race in the George Zimmerman story. They never recanted their lies and admitted their deceptions.

3. The media deliberately stack the deck on racial issues, presenting only one side of the story, never the White side. They deliberately hire disproportionate numbers of racial and ethnic minorities to report the news, and present the biased and often outright false ‘reporting’ as indisputable fact, allowing no counter-argument or refutation.

4. The media/powers-that-be hound and harass those who stray from the approved party line on race and all matters touching on race — mass immigration, for example, and exclude such dissenters from any discussion.

Maybe we’ll learn in the next day or so whether CNN doctored that clumsily Whitewashed photo above or maybe we won’t. We do know that CNN and its counterparts (including Fox) are dishonest to the core when it comes to race. We know that they have deceived the gullible masses — but as the saying goes, ‘fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.’ And the media have a long history of obfuscating, concealing, misleading, deceiving, and out-and-out, barefaced lying to us. So if they are proven ‘innocent’ in this particular case, that does not make them credible or trustworthy.

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