No. Just no.

It seems somebody at ultra-leftist National Public Radio commissioned a design for a new ‘Confederate’ flag, one that would be an acceptable (to the South-hating left) alternative to the ‘bigoted, racist‘ old flag, the Confederate Battle Flag.

You can see the pictures at the link above; I attempted to upload an image of the flag — which is not even esthetically pleasing in my opinion — but couldn’t upload it.

The far-lefties who populate NPR  and the rest of the media for that matter, feel they have the right to tell Southrons what their own flag, and the flag of their/our fathers, represents or means. And what’s worse, they feel they have the right to decree that the flag must come down everywhere because somebody somewhere was taught that the flag was ‘offensive’ to them, that it represents ‘hatred’ and ‘subjugation.’ Do the clients of these cultural Marxist grievance-merchants even understand the word ‘subjugation’?

The Southron folk certainly learned the meaning of subjugation during the dark days of the Reconstruction era in the South. It seems that the schools and the media conceal the history concerning that time period, with the result that far too few people have even heard of Reconstruction and the South under occupation by Northern overlords, corrupt officials, scalawags and carpetbaggers. The Southron people were then knowingly exposed to being targets of those seeking revenge and payback. The freeing of slaves coincided with the stripping of property and rights from White people. The latter were targets of violence, and had no help from the corrupt occupation authorities, what with scalawags and ‘freedmen’ left to do as they would.

Even the ‘conservative’ White people of today seem as ignorant of Reconstruction as the far-leftists and their clients. Nobody is left, it seems to speak up for the South and educate the average American. If these people knew history, they might just recognize the parallels between the Reconstruction era and today’s events. Back in the Reconstruction days, the North and their hirelings were hell-bent on teaching the South a lesson, determined not for the sake of creating some kind of fair play or ‘equality’ but rather to invert the social order, with the motley assortment of carpetbaggers, scalawags, and freedmen lording it, vengefully, over the Whites.

Today it’s the same, with the same thirst for humiliating the South, bringing the South to its knees, and making it repent of its supposed sins and crimes. And the real degradation is that Southrons are being made to ritualistically renounce their past, their heritage, their honored symbols, their heroes, and to adopt the Jacobin ideas of their former foes.

There is no need for a new flag. The old flag is the one our forefathers (my great-great-grandfather, for one) died under. That flag has a history and a meaning. It was the symbol of a people, a country, and a way of life that had much that was good and worthy and honorable, the left’s lies notwithstanding. To abandon our symbols and our history, or to kowtow to political correctness, is to give in to the final conquest of our folk and the destruction of the old South.

No. Just no.

2 thoughts on “No. Just no.

  1. Disgusting! I have no Southern blood in me. Now that that's out of the way, as you said, “No. Just no.” I'm. Between jobs at the moment but when I get my first paycheck one of the first things it is going towards is s Stars and Bars flag. Though I'm only 28, I've had my fill of PC and watching the country be destroyed. Still can't believe it's been six years since Dear Leader took the helm. Glad you're back at it semi regularly VA.


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