Realism vs. Republican political correctness

See this thread from Free Republic, that playground of the clueless ‘conservative.’ You’ll see there a recent arrival, a Freeper with the screen name Lucy Hamilton, who is arguing nature vs. nurture, crossing swords with a Freeper called ‘volunteer’ who is full of indignation at her outspoken political incorrectness.

The news story under discussion has to do with skyrocketing poverty in Africa (what else is new?), and ‘volunteer’ insists that the poverty is a result of “the culture” there. Some of you out there will remember that I used to stress the point that the people make the culture, not vice-versa. It’s exasperating that as the years go by, the politically correct ”right” still insists, in the face of mountains of evidence, that ”culture” makes the people. But where does culture come from?

The mantra ”it’s the culture; it’s nothing to do with race!” is the shield for the PC; it is used as an invocation to protect from accusations of ‘racism.’ The thing is it doesn’t work. And it’s dishonest.

I expect the mods at Free Republic to lock the linked thread soon if forbidden common sense is being displayed there. Egalitarianism is the implicit religion of most Americans, be they Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or other.

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