They’ve dropped all pretense

This blatant example of one of our (I say ”our” with some irony) elected officials showing undisguised hostility towards his own citizen constituents shows just how far things have gone. These officials and ‘elites’ have so far tried to at least feign some loyalty to those who elected them, and to the outward forms of our system of governance. But now they’re not even trying to pretend. They seem to feel emboldened to take off their masks, showing their open contempt for those who (foolishly) elected them, and those who pay their salaries. Governor Dayton of Minnesota, speaking to an NAACP group, told the citizens of his state to leave if they have a problem with the growing numbers of Somalis and others in their state:

“This is a time for everybody who is a Minnesotan, a real Minnesotan to take a stand and say, ‘not in our state.’ If you are that intolerant, that much of a racist and a bigot, then find another state, they really should go somewhere else.” said Dayton.’

And further, to the Somalis:

“Minnesota is not like it was 30, 50 years ago. But, this is Minnesota and you have every right to be here. And anybody who cannot accept your right to be here and this is Minnesota should find another state.”  The paper also quoted him as making a bizarre comment about the state’s citizenry, “Our economy cannot expand based on, white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. We don’t have enough,” Dayton said.”

[Emphasis mine.]

I don’t think even Merkel has gone this far in open partiality and pandering to ‘refugees’, or in showing explicit contempt for her constituents, and she’s about as hostile, judging by her actions, as any of this crowd.

We’ve entered a new phase of this thing, it seems to me, when the ‘elites’ brazenly tell us that they are going to bulldoze over the will of the people, and deny the citizenry the right to express their will, and to hold their own opinions about what is being forced on us.

Obviously the will of the majority has been trampled underfoot for some years now. We could look back at the Civil Rights Revolution, in which our right to freedom of association was taken away. That movement really meant the end for a lot of our rights and freedoms, as we’ve gradually lost the right not only to speak our minds freely but the moral right to hold opinions which don’t conform to the official received opinion.

Now this Dayton is telling the citizens of ‘his’ state that they have no natural right to live in Minnesota except as he judges them fit — based on their political beliefs. If they have natural ethnocentric loyalties and allegiances — as nonwhite peoples are allowed and encouraged to have — then they have forfeited their rights to live in Minnesota.

What next? Deportation within the United States for those with ‘wrong’ views? And what would be the next step after that? Internment? Some may think I am exaggerating, but I invite you to look back over the last 6 or so years and ponder whether you ever imagined things would change so shockingly, and our rights and freedoms be so tenuous. Can we rule out any such draconian steps on the part of the ideologues who are now in charge? Knowing lefties and ‘antis’ in real life, as most of us do, do we really think that they would not ”purge” us if they knew they could do so with impunity?

I was curious about this Dayton. Scion of a department store fortune, formerly married to a Rockefeller. Elite connections — oh, but aren’t Democrats supposed to be the party of the working man, the ‘little guy”? As someone else said at one point they ceased pretending to care about Joe Average American and became the party of the ”wretched of the earth.”

The only ”little guys” now, the only underdogs, the only disenfranchised seem to be Whites, and specifically White Christians. We are pressured to feel sorry for the poor downtrodden refugees, even as they are handed the keys to Europe (and to the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.), given rights superior to those of the native citizens, and handed 500-Euro notes to spend. Meanwhile the arrogant elites tell us to shut up or move on if we don’t appreciate having our countries sold out from under us, and our neighborhoods and towns transformed into something unrecognizable, and our once safe and clean streets made unlivable.

And where, precisely, are we to move to, Mr. Dayton, seeing as how each and every state in these United States is being seeded with ‘refugees’ and immigrants? No state in the Union has been exempted, even Alaska and Hawaii. And there is no other country to which we can flee, as all of former Christendom has been subjugated by the globalists, and our folk targeted for replacement — putting it euphemistically.

I have my own ideas as to who should relocate; I wrote a blog piece on the old blog about the multicultis and the bleeding-hearts expatriating themselves to the Third World, far from the ‘bigots’ and the ‘White boys’ they loathe so much. But it seems such people have no real wish to go anywhere; they crave power over the rest of us and their desire to punish the normal people of the world is apparently insatiable.

3 thoughts on “They’ve dropped all pretense

  1. Minnesota in recent memory was effectively 100% White. The state still remains much Whiter (81.5%) than the U.S. average (barely 60%), and most of the Nonwhites are clustered around each other in the Twin Cities, so they are low visibility.

    Minnesota can continue to ignore the problem, and clowns like this “We Don't Need B+ Whites” official can continue to drop cyanide tablets in the well of public discourse.

    I am reminded of the classic “frog boiling to death” problem.


  2. Roland – I suspect we're thinking of the same 'warm' place, where I believe they will in fact find themselves someday.

    hailtoyou – good to see you.
    Yes, I fear that our people are just gradually acclimating themselves to this abusive environment, and it's becoming the 'new normal' as they say. It's discouraging how so many people have just become inured to what's happening. I keep waiting to see a healthy response from the 'average' people and it it awfully slow in coming.


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