Of welcome mats and plain old doormats

The latest news reports out of Europe give accounts of violent and hostile behavior on the part of the sainted ‘refugees’ who continue to descend on Europe. For instance this story about their antics in Slovenia.

                                  Migrants ‘torch tents’ in Slovenia camp

And this is only one of many such examples that could be cited. Yet the media, in their determination to depict the ‘refugees’ as helpless victims, minimize coverage of these incidents. Sky News, for example, is one of the worst, showing a constant montage of images of pitiful children or women, and focusing on the evils of far-right ‘xenophobia.’

Some of you may be old enough to remember the Mariel Boatlift from Cuba, back in the 1970s. For those who don’t, feckless Jimmy Carter, who was then President, wanted to score a propaganda coup, presenting America as the haven of the downtrodden (a la Emma Lazarus, ‘give us your huddled masses, your wretched refuse’) and Castro did just that, by opening the gates of its prisons and mental hospitals, thus getting the last laugh on Carter. Not to mention ridding Cuba many of its problem citizens.

“The exodus started to have negative political implications for U.S. president Jimmy Carter when it was discovered that a number of the refugees had been released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities. The Mariel boatlift was ended by mutual agreement between the two governments involved in October 1980. By that point, as many as 125,000 Cubans had made the journey to Florida.”

[The above paragraph is from the linked Wikipedia article.]
Today, the media tends to whitewash the Mariel Boatlift, and many Republicans stubbornly believe that the Cuban refugees are ‘conservatives’ and success stories. The conservatives tend to be of the pro-open borders persuasion, despite their alleged ‘conservatism’ — Marco Rubio, for example.

And was it last year that ‘our’ government brought in many thousands of Latin American ‘children’ of various ages to be scattered throughout our country, after first being placed in some kind of facilities until they could be settled in as foster ‘children’ or sent to family members who were already here. Many of the ‘children’ were said by medical personnel to be carrying various contagious diseases and parasitic infections. Whatever happened to the old principle of keeping diseases out, by the way? Is preference now given to those with contagious diseases? Was this engineered influx the 21st century Marielito equivalent?

There were reports of these ‘children’ rejecting the food they were given, and demanding better conditions — exhibiting the same arrogant attitude of entitlement shown by the ‘refugees’ in Europe. How do we sympathize with that? What’s the old adage about beggars and choosers? People who were truly in dire straits — hungry, destitute, fearing for their lives, would not show such arrogance and hostility — would they? Or am I being ‘racist’ for expecting them to behave as our folk would behave, and to show gratitude for help received, rather than demanding more and spitting in our faces?

Is it not possible, too, that the present-day ‘refugees’ are the Middle East and Africa’s own ‘Mariel Boatlift’? Are they offloading their problem citizens, their violent criminals and disturbed people onto Europe and the rest of the West? The arrogant, truculent attitude displayed by the refugees in so many of these incidents seems to indicate that they are not the crème de la crème of their countries. And if they are in fact representative citizens of their countries, then that presents an even more troubling picture, doesn’t it, given that Western governments are hell-bent on settling them in our midst?

A story from early this year out of Australia shows demanding ‘refugees’ sewing their own lips shut in a hunger strike, as a means to get what they want. And this is not new; I remember Afghan and Iraqi ‘refugees’ as long ago as 2000, pulling the same stunt, even sewing their own children’s lips together. Is that not barbaric? We can’t dismiss all these incidents, widespread as they are, as aberrations, or just a few ‘bad apples’ tainting the barrel. No, it’s endemic. And yet, in some baffling way, many Western people still feel sorry for these poor suffering folk. How is it that the ‘refugees’ still elicit sympathy on the part of so many, given their attitudes and actions? What about sympathy for your own folk, having to deal with the conflict and chaos that follows in the wake of these refugees? What about the victims of violence perpetrated by the refugees, such as the left-wing sympathizer stabbed by the very people he championed? What about the emotional destruction that has been wrought on Europeans and all Western peoples, the mental conditioning which has left them neutered and masochistic, complicit in their own destruction? That in itself should be alarming.

Is it too much to believe that the globalist/leftist leaders of the EU and other Western countries knowingly invite these obviously destructive people in the final assault, to finish the dismantling the old order of things? Are these people being used as weapons against the passive, too-trusting citizens of Europe and other Western countries? Given the open hostility shown by those in power towards their own citizens, it’s hard to discount the possibility. It’s either that, or they are completely oblivious and clueless. Stupidity or malice? Or insanity? No other explanations suffice.

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