Ole Miss student body hates their heritage

The politically correct millennials who seem to be at the forefront of this new move to erase their ‘shameful’ history have said that the Mississippi state flag should be banished from the campus. Why? Because it incorporates the Confederate Battle Flag.

The politically correct cult followers have seen that they are ‘on a roll’, and have decided, apparently, to take advantage of the momentum they gained following the recent Church shootings. The complicit media have exploited that isolated event — let’s face it; there’s hardly an epidemic of such shootings. Such events don’t come along every day, so the PC commissars have to make political hay while the sun shines. So the Confederacy must be erased from public view. The student body ‘leaders’ have said that their ‘diverse’ students have felt ‘fear’ and intimidation due to the presence of the Battle Flag. If they do so, and I say if, it is only because of the tale-bearing media stirring up fear, conjuring up images of White racists or ”supremacists” lurking in every dark corner, lying in wait to harm innocent people for absolutely no reason than ‘because of their skin color.’ Yet statistics, so carefully concealed by the media, contradict the myth of rampant White-on-black attacks. The facts show, however that the opposite is true.

Ole Miss, a supposed institute of higher learning, is doing a shamefully poor job of educating its students, if this is the sort of thing the students believe. And in that failure, I admit Ole Miss is no worse than most universities and colleges in this country, which do not teach objective and factual history, but instead fill students’ heads with biased ‘oppression porn’, in which White students’ ancestors are accused and convicted of atrocities against all the poor downtrodden peoples of the earth — “just because of their skin color.” The students, evidently, not being equipped with critical faculties, nor with a ‘love for the truth’ which the Bible tells is essential, simply eat up this cultural Marxist tripe, and ask for more. Then they depart with their degrees, to go out into the world to become apostles of Political Correctness, and to propagate the distortions and lies they have been fed. The educational system is a sham, from kindergarten through grad school, and younger people have grown up in an echo chamber, with nothing but left-wing, anti-White messages fed to them, amplified by the media’s constant racial agitation and incitement.

Still, the fact that the ‘educational’ system and the media have stifled the truth and propagated lies does not excuse the students; if they were really academically fit and intellectually curious, there is no shortage of sources they could seek out to get a more accurate picture of the past, especially regarding their Southern heritage, the War Between the States, and Reconstruction. But it seems too few these days have the open-mindedness and the thirst for truth that is so vital to developing real knowledge and wisdom.

It’s no wonder, then, that our country is in such dire straits, and the outlook seems bleaker every day. Contrary to what some like to say, I don’t see that the younger generations are wiser than their elders. Statistics show that they exhibit more liberal attitudes than all other age groups alive today, and behavior like that of the Student Body ‘leaders’ at Ole Miss does not contradict my assessment.

All the symbols of the Confederacy are being banned in the ‘new South’. Where does it all end?
I call on anyone who cares about the South and our true history to do your part to propagate the truth, to seek out original sources of the time of the Confederacy and earlier eras, and to spread such information for the few truth seekers who may exist out there. When the older generations are gone, all that information, if has not been scrubbed from the Internet or elsewhere, will forever be lost. I find that terribly tragic, and very unjust.

14 thoughts on “Ole Miss student body hates their heritage

  1. Our side needs more effective responses to attacks on Southern heritage than defensive postures about slavery and the wretched “heritage not hate” slogan. (One of the most basic rules of propaganda is that you don't repeat your enemy's propaganda in your propaganda.)

    Some things we should say: The flag is a contemporary and well as a historic symbol. Today it represents our rich and honorable Southern culture. And because it is our symbol, we traditional Southerners will decide its meaning, not our enemies. They typically are bigots who hate our flag because they hate us. (If anyone doubts this, read the comments on any left-wing website that deals with the South.)

    As for slavery, we can affirm that the South fought to deal with this institution in its own way and time peacefully. The only alternative the abolitionists offered was the truly evil proposal of immediate emancipation brought about by race war. In any case, slavery is no longer a relevant issue. It is dead and gone, and those who obsess over it are people who truly live in the past.

    But the Southern stand against federal tyranny and aggression is justified both in history and in our present time. Washington still threatens our liberties as presidents, judges, and other federalistas ignore constitutional checks and balances. The Confederate flag flies in defiance of their dictatorial goals.

    In one sense the flag is indeed a symbol of hate–the hatred of tyranny. And that is a hostility that all lovers of liberty can honorably embrace.


  2. You know, I hated the Basque flag when I studied abroad in Spain. I didn't ask for it to be taken down, though. Granted that was pretty much due to my fear of ETA putting a contract out on me. Still, the idea that a university should kowtow to foreigners over the citizens of the country it's in…ah who am I kidding? Everyone knows that international students pay the most!

    To give you an idea (I won't reveal where I went to undergrad but will give figures):

    In state: ~$6,000/semester
    Out of state: ~$24,000/semester
    International: ~$31,000/semester

    Now, is it any surprise why my university was the most diverse out of our athletic conference? Granted, that diversity helped me hone my foreign language skills. However, a) to most people that is a moot point and b) more importantly, a university should serve the citizens of its state, then out of staters as need be. The F-1 Visa needs to be scrapped.

    Is it any surprise that when my alma mater announced a tuition freeze for in state students that it now has more out of state than in state students?


  3. Speaking as a student that recently introduced himself to this material, I can say that while there is no shortage of material it is difficult to locate unbiased sources that give adequate and fair depictions of history, especially Western society (including that of the South). What's also being done by the educational institutions of today is a division of material and writers deemed worthy of research. Other authors are called “revisionists” – a term, like so many others, meant to discriminate against those who do not write according to the progressive, liberal campaign. Many students naturally desire to be intellectually astute and so avoid the so-called bunk sources in order to maintain a false sense of intellectual integrity conditioned by many of their professors. Those that are curious enough to break the rule learn quickly from other professors' example that silence is the only way one has to graduate and move on(after all, this is how many so-called Conservatives keep their job). If you're still bold enough to question things and even write about your findings, you find yourself with an invitation to leave like I did (and I'm putting that nicely).

    My life was ruined by a nominally Catholic University's Student Affairs administration (which is just group of people that enforce cultural Marxism). When I first spoke out against mandatory diversity training for student leaders (as well as micro-agressions) as a breach of conscious my fate was sealed and I was monitored, even asked to descend my blogs and social media posting. I cannot even access my transcripts and was eventually expelled from the campus as a “threat to the well being of the student body” (even though there were petitions for me to remain). I was planning on leaving anyways as I was weeks away from a years worth of rigorous training when I was told I was terminated from the program. Again, expelling me wasn't enough for them. Telling me they'd arrest me for tresspassing if I came to campus also wasnt enough. When the fire dept. contacted the University for their background check, they were told lies about me and quickly terminated me from the program. I requested the background report and confirmed my suspicions. No lawyer would touch the case, since the University possesses a private status.

    It's certainly not easy to be a student when you're conditioned to succeed from a young age and kept in check by those close to you, like your family and friends, who constantly remind you of your “extreme” ways (luckily my family stupidstood by me). Most students listen and stay silent, even though I can tell you many disagree with the social programming they're subjected to regularly. These administrations act like a mafia and most students are afraid of them.


  4. The point though is it's much worse than many can imagine. I venture to guess cases like mine are legion but we'll never hear about them. The universities never tire of making an example out of somone to further strike fear in the hearts of their students.


  5. The point though is it's much worse than many can imagine. I venture to guess cases like mine are legion but we'll never hear about them. The universities never tire of making an example out of somone to further strike fear in the hearts of their students.


  6. Nick – Thanks for your comments. Even though I've heard some horror stories of what happens to people who dare to depart from the PC orthodoxy, I didn't know it could be that bad. I am genuinely sorry to hear what happened to you.

    It's evident that those in the academic world are even less free to speak their minds or even to question the official 'narrative'. Of course we have our rights in theory, but in practice, there can be dire consequences for stepping outside the PC confines.

    I've been saying for years that a college education is the worst thing to inflict upon our sons and daughters, as they usually come out at the other ends as mind-controlled ideologues, or else they end up falling afoul of the PC mind-monitors with consequences such as those you describe.
    I wish you luck; I hope it all works out for you. Stay true to your principles, though it won't make your path smoother in these corrupt times.


  7. Roland – Thanks for your thoughtful input as always. Well said, about 'hatred of tyranny.'

    Visitor – The Basque (ETA) flag is still allowed there, isn't it? I can't think of many examples of a supposedly 'free' country banning state flags or historic flags like the CSA battle flag. Only this country seems to think that hypothetical ''hurt feelings'' or ''fear and feelings of intimidation'' justify banning a historic flag.



  8. I certainly appreciate your blog. If I may ask, where can I start for better understanding of Southern History and other information that's vital?


  9. Nick – thanks for the kind words.
    I've long recommended that people go to old sources, to people who wrote before the era of political correctness and cultural Marxism. I have been planning on putting up a link page, with links to old books and other materials on the South and its history, mostly materials on Archive.org. I don't know if you've made much use of that repository but there is still a lot to be gleaned there — before it is all taken down by the PC commissars.



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