The pro-lifers’ misguided tactics

In a post at Faith and Heritage, Ehud Would delineates the wrong-headedness of the Christian pro-life movement in pursuing a politically correct course.

I blogged recently about the recent meme asserting that ‘Margaret Sanger was a genocidal bigot, who wanted to eliminate blacks‘. The fact that this has been picked up by many of the ‘mainstream’ right, especially the Christian pro-lifers, is distressing in many ways, and my post only touched on the reasons why I find it so.  For one thing, I don’t think the evidence available shows Sanger to have been a hater of blacks, nor favoring ‘genocide.’ For a Christian to charge this requires possibly bearing false witness. Granted, Sanger is  long dead, but why convict her posthumously, based on very scant evidence, such as a quote taken out of context? The answer: for political gain; in hopes of winning blacks to the pro-life cause — but at the price of assigning more White guilt, more fuel to the claims that Whites in general have malicious designs against blacks. To convict Sanger casts blame on all of us, at least in the eyes of many blacks and PC whites.

But read Ehud Would’s piece, wherein he gives some very plausible reasons why the pro-life Christian ‘right’ is taking this leftward, Politically Correct turn, and wherein he describes the dangers therein.

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