A Russian view of the refugee crisis

Russian journalist/activist Nikolai Starikov gives his view of who is behind the massive influx of ‘Syrian’ ‘refugees’ coming to Europe.

I agree with him that it is being orchestrated. Only the blindest observer would think that the floods of ‘immigrants’ and ‘refugees’ to the whole Western world is one big coincidence, just ”poor people seeking a better life” or ”freedom.” No, it’s being engineered. But I question whether ‘America’ is the main architect of this catastrophe. Certainly the so-called Arab spring revolutions were mostly engineered by the U.S. government and last year I wrote that I thought that in part, the intent was to cook up a ”humanitarian crisis” to order, so that great numbers of displaced Syrians and whoever else would then be brought to our shores and to Europe as well. It seems that in the last few wars, our country has been intent on bringing those from former enemy nations to live here, in large numbers. Think Viet Nam and Cuba, for example. We’ve also brought many Somalis here, even after the dreadful events there wherein our military men were killed and their bodies dragged through the streets by the citizenry of Mogadishu. How many of those same people seen in the news footage, dragging American bodies through their streets now live in, say, Minnesota or Maine? Or your hometown? We have incredibly short attention spans and memories.

So yes, our country deliberately brings people from nations hostile to us to live amongst us, and in fact to be treated as our equals if not betters. Starikov, in the video interview, says the U.S. wants to ”weaken Europe”
by this massive inflow of ‘refugees’, and he is right that Europe will be weakened thereby — but so is our country weakened by the presence of tens of millions of illegal and legal immigrants and ‘refugees.’ If our government is out to weaken Europe by depositing mass numbers of aliens, it is also weakening itself (or weakening its own citizens, at least) by such self-inflicted injuries.

Starikov says Europe does not want these refugees — and I like to think that the actual people of Europe are healthy and sane enough to keep their (relative) national integrity by wanting to preserve their ethnic makeup and what homogeneity they have left. But the fact is, there has been ongoing immigration for some years now; Europe has let many Moslems and other Third-Worlders into their historical territory, and  the people have been relatively passive about it until recently. And the EU commissars have been more than happy to welcome tens of thousands of such immigrants and ‘refugees.’ Despite Merkel’s occasional pronouncements that ‘multiculturalism has failed’, she and her counterparts in the EU have been strong advocates for ever more immigration from the Third World. For a few years now, EU ‘leaders’ have been saying that 50 million Africans were to be expected into Europe in the near future, and they presented this as an inevitability, with no thought for the feelings of their citizenry about it. So no, Mr. Starikov, I am not buying the idea that anyone is forcing Merkel and the others to accept this tidal wave of refugees.

And Mr. Starikov is mistaken in saying that the immigrants are all being inflicted on Germany — there are reports from all over Europe, including the UK and our country, about the ‘Syrians’ and others arriving and still en route. The UK is not being spared, neither is our country. Or Canada or Australia or other Anglosphere countries.

One other noteworthy thing from the interview: Starikov, in speaking of hypothetical Ukrainians who might want similar rights to enter the EU: he pointedly says that such Ukrainians ”think they are of the same race as the Europeans” as their complexions are similar,  or words to that effect — then he says to the inteviewer, ”but you and I know they are not; they are of Russian culture”, or similar words. So, contrary to what ‘pan-European nationalists’ in America might say, Russians don’t believe they and Western or Central or Northern Europeans are “all one people” because of their White skin. It ain’t ”all about skin color.” Even Europeans are not all interchangeable. So in that I agree with Starikov. Leave each ethnicity to its own traditions and heritage.

So though I differ with Starikov in some respects, he does make considerable sense in his analysis of the refugee disaster. It is orchestrated, and it is insane. But why and by whom it is being engineered is where we differ.

5 thoughts on “A Russian view of the refugee crisis

  1. VA,

    Thanks for being so up on this. You clearly have a deep knowledge of the Russian scene. I agree with your assessment, the same is being done in America and also on a large scale. It is also to weaken us. We also can't look to Ukraine or Russia to save us. Our main help has to be from in our own country.


  2. We all know that the New World Order is headquartered in Washington and that the people who control it have no loyalty to any country they're living in, and that
    Europe has been militarily and financially occupied by “America” since 1945, right? The European “leaders” certainly know it. Alas, so do the Russians who are no longer under the internationalist yoke.

    So yes, Merkel and Hollande and Cameron are complete puppets of Washington.


  3. OA – thanks for your input and kind words.

    Anonymous – I think you give Washington too much credit. I think they are all puppets for somebody else. And as I said, if Washington seeks to weaken Europe through mass immigration/''refugees'', then they are also weakening their own position.

    At this point I think the whole fiction of 'nations' is just being maintained to lull the masses, when in fact it's all part of one big transnational thing with the politicians all being at someone else's beck and call — but not their citizens', of course. Their paymasters, who like to keep a low profile.


  4. VA, I don't think we disagree. All I'm saying is that the paymasters are headquartered, this past century, in the USA, with the government in Washington as their primary enforcement arm. The governments in Europe (for the worst) and in Russia (for the better) have changed drastically while Washington hasn't.


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