Gradual or sudden?

I was just thinking, it would have been better for us in the United States to have a sudden influx of ‘refugees’ or immigrants rather than having it happen in dribs and drabs, as with our slo-mo invasion from the South (and elsewhere). It would be better if people had been able to recognize it for what it was instead of having it happen so gradually that people became accustomed to it as ”the new normal” for the last several decades.

Somebody on another blog was commenting that the Danes should get their rioting invaders to ”simmer down.” But then what? If they ”simmer down” then the easy-going Danes will, like us easy-going Americans, just assume things are under control, that ”assimilation” will work its magic, and that the incoming millions can be absorbed, no problem.

And how has that complacent assumption worked out for us?

I think it would be better for the European peoples if they aren’t allowed to be lulled, or lull themselves, into passivity or acceptance as so many on this side of the Atlantic have done and are doing.

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