Round and round we go

Vox Day’s interlocutor here obviously does not know Christianity very well, if he believes it is an egalitarian belief system. Vox answers him correctly, but hasn’t this same old argument reappeared over and over again for the last dozen years or so? This ‘blame Christianity’ charge, claiming that Christianity weakened the West, and is at the core of our present crisis?

On the old incarnation of this blog, I know I wrote more than one piece attempting to refute those persistent charges, as have other Christian bloggers, but the allegations never seem to go away. All the arguments in the world won’t convince those who want to blame Christians, Christianity, or Jesus Christ himself for what is now happening to former Christendom.

The discussion in the comment section at VP is pretty good, except when it deteriorates into disputes over which Bible translation is ‘the’ correct one. Some think that only the original Scriptures (in Hebrew, Latin, or Koine Greek) are accurate, and all the rest untrustworthy. Think about that. If it’s true, then most of us today cannot get the true version of God’s word, because we are not native speakers or scholars of those languages. Only those who were contemporaries of the original transcribers could ever truly understand the Bible, according to that school of thought. Scholars or not, nobody today could understand Koine Greek as did the apostles who wrote the New Testament, so we are all in the dark, and just have to make wild guesses as to what the Bible really means. And some really do assert that. Which only discredits Christianity further in the eyes of nonbelievers, as it implies that Christianity is whatever the individual thinks it to be, according to his personal interpretation, as we can’t know the original meaning of God’s word.

All I can say to that is: God is “not the author of confusion.” God meant for every believer, scholar or not, of every generation, to be able to understand his Word. Otherwise we are just making it all up as we go along.

As for egalitarianism — that is purely the reflection of the times we live in, and for generations egalitarianism has been at the core of Western society, especially since the days of the Jacobins, and they were atheists, not Christians. We’ve made far too much of an idol of “equality” and universal brotherhood since then, and Americans, even conservatives, are in love with equalitarianism in their own way — ”I’m just as good as the next guy” –and many Americans are as militantly anti-royal as were the French revolutionaries or the regicides in Cromwell’s day.

But that is not Christianity. ”Fear God, honour the king.” Sound familiar? It’s 1 Peter 2:17.

Christianity or at least the ”Churchian” counterfeit has been corrupted by Marxism at least since the 1940s when one Christian writer warned that the World Council of Churches had been the victim of a sort of coup by Communists and Marxists. The writer’s name escapes me, but IIRC the book was written in 1949.
Now we have even the once-conservative churches embracing cultural Marxism if not economic Marxism, and then the new-agey leftist denominations like the UCC, the Presbyterians et al, and even the Southern Baptists have lost their bearings and caved to the spirit of the times. This is called ‘following the world”, and when Christians follow the world, they cease to be ”salt and light” to a dark world, and instead become absorbed by the corruption.

I don’t expect that the critics of Christianity will stop their accusations; in these times, as things get worse, the remnant of Christians will continue to be scapegoated, though the organized religions will probably continue in their error until they eventually join forces with the other ‘world religions’ in some kind of syncretic mixture which has little to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ. And that religion will probably be embraced by most people as it will not ”offend” anyone. The truth, however, will always offend the lost.

2 thoughts on “Round and round we go

  1. Most mainstream Christian churches these days aren't remotely Christian. They're not only dominated by Cultural Marxists, they're practically indistinguishable from atheists.

    But I agree that it's a mistake to blame Christianity itself for these follies. There was a time when Christianity was a genuine force for good. Is there any chance that true Christianity will re-emerge? I'd like to think so although I have my doubts.


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