An ‘outburst’, or truth?

It’s very clever, how the media/Ministries of Truth use biased language to discredit statements that contradict the allowed, ‘correct’ opinions.

Czech President Milos Zeman has said that the ‘migrants’ (aka ‘refugees’) who are now flooding Europe are using children as human shields in order to gain sympathy. The UK Daily Mail describes his statements as ‘outbursts’.

In his latest outburst, Zeman accused the thousands of refugees and economic migrants who have arrived in Europe this year of being ‘wealthy’, something which he claims is proven by the fact that they have smartphones.

He accused them of risking their children’s lives crossing the Mediterranean in order to use them to secure a right to remain in the EU.”

The Daily Mail further attempts to discredit Zeman and his statements by telling us that he has ‘sparked outrage’ by his comments, and that some UN apparatchik named Al-Hussein has called Zeman ‘Islamophobic.’ I suppose Al-Hussein would typify those who would feel ‘outrage’ or at least feign outrage at such blunt comments. And the usual suspects on the Left, for whom sainted ‘Others’ can do no wrong, will be outraged. Or put on a show of being outraged.

The fact is, it has been done, this use of children as ‘human shields’, especially by Moslems, and even if we are not talking about using them as shields, it has always seemed to me to be very bad judgment to put one’s children in harm’s way by embarking on long journeys to other countries, entering dangerous situations crossing seas and so on. What conscientious parent would do that, much less send their children unaccompanied to Europe or America, as many people in Third World countries do? I blogged in the past about that cynical use of children to gain entree into the ”rich countries”, where the family would then have a foothold. This tactic was used with the many Latin American children who were seeded into our country a while back. So it has been done, this manipulation via innocent children. To behave as though it is just some hatemonger’s imagination is dishonest in the extreme. But then that is what our foes on the Left are: dishonest to the core.

As for the ‘wealth’ of the masses now entering Europe, wealth is somewhat relative, and just looking at photos of the people flooding Europe, we see people dressed well, sometimes better than the people we see here at home who may be down on their luck. And it appears that most of these ‘wretched of the earth’ do have smartphones (personally, I have only a dumb phone) and other accoutrements of modern life. Nor do they look ill-nourished or sickly, for the most part. And I’ve noticed for years that our Latino border-jumpers arrive well-dressed and very well-fed, despite their alleged poverty and need. And once here in the States, I see ‘poor’ Latino families driving new SUVs or other pricey cars, using smartphones, and decked out in gold chains and baubles. The immigrants, for the most part, come here to get more material goods and social services, as well as having other motives (revanchism on the part of our Latino immigrants, who see this as ”their” land, and jihad on the part of many Moslem immigrants and refugees). Their motives are not necessarily as noble and pure as the Left maintains. Sometimes plain old envy, covetousness, and greed enter in, especially as the rest of the world believes we are filthy rich and undeserving of what we have. They want their piece of the pie, of our ‘ill-gotten gain’, as they perceive it.

Poverty as we used to know it, with people dressed in threadbare clothes and worn-out shoes, is seldom to be seen in most of the world, not even in the ”ghettos” of our country, and it appears, not in the Middle East or Africa, what with so much charity being poured into that continent.

So yes, most of those ‘refugees’ are not in desperate want; they are not (most of them) in fear for their lives, contrary to the media sob-stories. We’ve already learned that most are not Syrian, and most are able-bodied, well-nourished young males. Yet the media persist in the sad stories of these poor beleaguered people. But what about poor beleaguered Europe?

Most of today’s Babelist ‘Churchians’ lecture us that we have a Christian duty to help these people, even to the harm of our own people, even to the detriment of our safety, even to the destruction of our children’s and grandchildren’s future.  But where in the Bible does it tell us that we should lie down and become doormats for the world, giving up our very birthright and heritage and land on demand by strangers? We’re not enjoined to pauperize ourselves to help the ‘needy’, and in fact the Bible tells us that those of our own household (our kin and kind) have first claim on our charity. We do not give to those farthest from us first, or to the exclusion of our own. We are not to feed the world and ignore our actual neighbors locally — which today’s Churchians do.

No. These demands amount to emotional blackmail, with the Third World telling us that we owe them, and in fact owe them for all time, and therefore they feel entitled to trample our countries underfoot and claim they have more right than we and our children have to be here. It’s much the same as with the disgruntled ‘minorities’ (soon to be majorities) of our country, who, no matter how many concessions and privileges are offered, never have enough, never say thank you, only demand more and more. Where does it end? If Europe and the West roll over for this influx, where will it stop? There are tens of millions more who can follow in the footsteps of those who are now scattering all over the West. I keep telling people that Europe cannot withstand this kind of tidal wave. Europe will be swamped and overrun, as the do-gooders continue to lecture and hector us about ‘xenophobia’ and ‘hate’. Europe will be picked clean. It will cease to exist as Europe.

A Christian podcast I follow on Roku had a short report on the ‘death of Europe.’ I was disappointed that they spoke only of the death of the European Union. As if the failure of that political travesty was to be mourned. The EU may break up and it should. The only thing that is important is that the European peoples (and I say peoples, plural) survive, and survive as themselves, intact. That is what is at stake.

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