The ‘misguided compassion’ of Europe

From the Russia Insider, an accurate assessment of the disaster in Europe.The writer sees the capitulation — no, the betrayal by the European ‘leadership’ as an effort to demolish what’s left of Christianity and the Christian heritage in Europe.  “The fierce hatred of the Western political elite for Christianity has robbed Europe of its moral compass.… Continue reading The ‘misguided compassion’ of Europe

Putin, defender of the Faith?

I hear and read a lot of comments describing Vladimir Putin as the ‘hope of Christianity’, more or less. Is he a Christian? Many of the commenters on this You Tube video of Putin discussing his Christian faith believe he is a real Christian, and some of the comments are almost adoring, like this: “i… Continue reading Putin, defender of the Faith?

It can’t be emphasized enough

Ann Corcoran at Refugee Resettlement Watch has an important post reporting on the 12 Annual Immigration and Law Conference in D.C. It’s worth reading but brace yourselves for the speakers’ remarks, full of the obligatory name-calling rhetoric decrying immigration skeptics or opponents. But Ann Corcoran deserves kudos for her observation in the intro to her… Continue reading It can’t be emphasized enough