The ‘misguided compassion’ of Europe

From the Russia Insider, an accurate assessment of the disaster in Europe.
The writer sees the capitulation — no, the betrayal by the European ‘leadership’ as an effort to demolish what’s left of Christianity and the Christian heritage in Europe.

 “The fierce hatred of the Western political elite for Christianity has robbed Europe of its moral compass. Using Christian arguments for waging war on Christianity and Christian culture is a vile demonic parody. From a spiritual perspective, it is clear that Europe has made an unholy alliance with islamism in order to annihilate its Christian civilisation. This diabolical scam wears a cloak of goodness and humanitarianism, but it is really a manifestation of moral decay and false altruism that threatens to bring about Die Untergang des Abendlandes, the end of Christian Europe.”

I might add that much of what the author writes about the surrender by the authorities to the incoming flood of refugees, and the abandonment of the rule of law also applies to our slow-motion tsunami of immigration. And the same tactics, such as the cynical appeal to ‘Christian ethics’ or ‘compassion’ are used to  silence any real debate and to shame and even criminalize in some cases those who object. In some countries criticizing immigrants results in a jail sentence. Remember Emma West in England? Even in our country, several years ago a Midwestern woman was overheard (in a private conversation) saying that Hispanics (she used a slang term) should learn our language if they are living here. Some busybody called the police (!) and a court case followed.

The situation herein the United States is much the same as in Europe, but with a slightly different cast of characters and a slower pace. But the common factor is an elite which apparently wants to replace both the people and the culture of the country over which they rule.

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