Orban calls Euro elites ‘traitors’

Since I can’t seem to embed a You Tube video these days as I used to, here’s the link to the You Tube video of Victor Orban’s statements.

If only there were more leaders who were not globalist stooges, leaders who actually represent their own people, and act in the interests of their people’s survival.

2 thoughts on “Orban calls Euro elites ‘traitors’

  1. The pagans always claim that Christianity is the reason for our decline. Yet here we have the only leader of a European country willing to stand against the migrant invasion–and he does so in the name of defending his country's Christian heritage. I think that says something.


  2. Roland – yes, that does say something, but the usual critics of Christianity will probably chalk it up to Eastern European ethnocentrism, or say that he's just an exception.

    Maybe the Eastern churches, being suppressed during the years when Christianity was not allowed free expression in those Eastern bloc countries, managed to stay unaffected by the Gramscian ''long march through the institutions.” I hope so, anyway.


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