Vicarious aggression

This Swedish editor of a leftist newspaper says he would fill Sweden with ‘IS soldiers’ and thus force anti-immigration Swedes to leave the country.

[By the way: don’t be fooled by the photo of the editor who said these disgusting things: it is a male. Honestly I thought the photo was of a woman. But then “gender” is a social construct like race, isn’t it?]

Seriously, this recurring meme from the left, the idea that those opposed to mass out-of-control immigration (or should it be immivasion, as they used to say over at VDare?) should leave their home states or countries, is rather troubling. Is this perhaps the left tipping its hand, leaking out what their possible designs are, meaning deportation/relocation of domestic ”thought criminals”? Actually, judging these increasingly unhinged lefties by their words and their venomous attitudes, I can hardly put anything past them.

These people live in a truly upside-down world, a world in which the natural priorities are turned on their heads, and up is down, right is wrong. What does a certain Book say about those who call ”evil, good, and good, evil”?

Those of us who still have normal feelings and thoughts call these kinds of rabid leftists ”self-hating”, but as I’ve asked before on the old blog, do they truly hate themselves? I say no. They have an exalted, inflated image of themselves as ”caring, compassionate” people, champions of the oppressed and downtrodden, the defenders of life’s losers, protectors of sainted ‘victim groups.’ They spend their lives repeating slogans about ‘stopping the hate’ while in practice they have ramped up hate in the world in the last decade or so. They preach about tolerance while declaring that those who disagree politely and civilly with them are not to be tolerated, not even to be heard or given a voice. By doing so they show themselves to be liars, and yet I don’t think that this charge even daunts them, because they believe truth is whatever they want it to be and declare it to be. They fully dominate the media, academia, and all levels of government, so they can silence all meaningful opposition by simply denying them a platform, denying them a hearing, and by passing ‘hate speech’ laws stifling any honest opinion that contradicts their own.

But despite their lack of logic and their staggering self-contradictions, they maintain a high opinion of themselves and their ideological allies; they are the good guys, the knights in shining armour, and they style themselves ”warriors”, though they are professed pacifists, and anti-death penalty. Their hearts bleed for criminals, especially murderers — provided the murderers are of an appropriate victim group. They cry over a criminal being executed — though they encourage women killing their unborn babies.

Leftists love themselves; they are the biggest believers in pop psychology, which promotes narcissism and self-love (“self-esteem”, so-called), and most of them, if not atheist nihilists, believe in some hazy form of New Agey beliefs, which at core, preach that we are all gods in embryo, or gods who just don’t realize we are gods. Does this conduce to ‘self-hatred’? No. To the contrary, this kind of hodgepodge postmodern belief system produces smug, arrogant, narcissistic, self-congratulatory people. In recent years the left has become ever more extremist in its attitudes and practices, while at the same time railing against ‘extremists’ on the right.

If these same people, like this mystery-gender editor, analyzed their own behavior in pop-psychology terms, they would be forced to admit that they are ‘projecting’, to use Freud’s jargon. They exhibit the very flaws or ”disorders” of which they accuse others. And because they are so deluded, not to say dishonest, they can’t or won’t see themselves and their own wild excesses for what they are. So they point at others; all evil resides in other people, those awful people who refuse to parrot the correct party line, refuse to obey the edicts of political correctness. Those awful Normal people who actually believe that the millennia-old idea of nations and boundaries and borders and homelands, and of kin groups, they are the fly in the ointment for the lefty amalgamationists, the Babelists, the One-World Order fanatics.

The left seems to see the Third World masses, especially Islamics, as some kind of bioweapon to be used against their own people; they vicariously commit aggressions against their own people by proxy, with the Third World (or domestic minorities, here in the U.S.) as their surrogates. This obvious weakling editor probably maintains a self-image as a nonviolent person, so he probably fantasizes about IS soldiers wreaking havoc on other Swedes, those who in his view don’t deserve to live. Some professed ‘pacifists’ and ‘nonviolent warriors’ have more hate and aggression in their hearts than a hundred ‘xenophobes’ and they betray it by their ugly rhetoric and their actions —  like Merkel and all like-minded ‘leaders’ opening the gates to hostile outsiders. All these treasonous ‘leaders’ are thus showing their aggression towards the very people whose interests they pretend to serve.

Rather than people like Gov. Dayton in Minnesota telling his White constituents to get out, or this Swede fantasizing about unleashing ISIS on his own countrymen, a far better suggestion would be for the xenophiles to pull up stakes and move away from those awful pasty-faced White people and flee to Africa or Asia or Latin America among the people they consider worthy of their company.

Roger Scruton in a 2006 lecture used a term, oikomania, or oikophobia, to describe people like this anti-Swedish Swede. Too bad we haven’t managed to find some label which would stick to these ‘people’, as they are so free at slinging epithets at the rest of us, and shame on those of us that allow ourselves to be cowed and silenced by being called names. That will have to change. The other side has to be put on the defensive at long last.

2 thoughts on “Vicarious aggression

  1. I certainly agree that leftists are arrogant egotists, but that does not exclude self-hatred. They rebel against reality and God, and by doing so they embrace a soul-destroying nihilism. As God states in the Scriptures, “All who hate Me love death.” So behind their arrogance is a death wish of self-loathing.

    A perfect example is Jim Jones of Guyana fame. A forerunner of today's P.C. lords, Jones combined megalomania with a literal death wish, both for himself and his entire congregation. I think we should start referring to leftists as “Jones Clones.”


  2. Southron – Yes, Jim Jones was the archetype of today's multicultists; if you watch or listen to some of his rants about this country, he would constantly tell his black followers that America ''hated'' them and that they would all be killed by racist America if they tried to return. He stoked their paranoia and their hostility towards White America — though he himself was White.

    Another factoid about him: he was one of the first to adopt interracially when he still lived in Indiana. It would appear that many of today's leftists (even liberal Christians) emulate him. He could be said to be a role model for them. “Jones Clones'' is not so far-fetched a label.

    As for whether these White multicultis hate themselves I think we'll have to agree to disagree. I think they are nihilistic, certainly, and maybe they have some kind of unconscious 'death wish' but we're getting pretty far into Freudian territory here, speculating about their secret thoughts and motivations, where we can only guess. All I know for sure is that they appear very self-satisfied and self-righteous, like the Pharisee who thanked God that he was not a sinner like other people. I believe they are the kind of people described in the Bible who will think they are doing God a service by killing Christians in the end times. But their understanding of 'God' if they even believe in him is very different from the God of the Bible.


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