The ‘Eurabia myth’, according to Peters

Ralph Peters, sometime neocon Fox News pundit, reassures us that Europe will not become Eurabia, as has been predicted for the last dozen years or so. What’s the reason for his confidence in Europe?

His reasons for believing that Europe will survive the current ‘immivasion’ seem to add up to this idea: the Europeans are still at heart ruthless xenophobes and haters. At first reading you might think he is glad that Europe will survive intact — but it seems as if he is he is indicting the Europeans as a whole for past events such as Spain’s expulsion of Moors and Jews back in 1492.

“The year 1492 wasn’t just big for Columbus. It’s also when Spain expelled its culturally magnificent Jewish community en masse – to be followed shortly by the Moors, Muslims who had been on the Iberian Peninsula for more than 800 years.”

It sounds as though he is condeming Spain for its actions, and as though he thinks the Moslems (Moors) had a right to be there. Is he another Westerner who romanticizes the Moslem world? There are quite a few of those in the State Department.

From what I recall of Peters (I haven’t watched Fox News in years) I remember him as a rather sharp-tongued and cynical commentator who made scathing predictions about Europe, warning that they were about to be overtaken by Islam — which he felt was deserved on their part. He now seems rueful at the thought that they might not be conquered or melted out of existence.

This idea that beneath the passive liberal surface of the Germans you will find Nazis and xenophobes is a frequently-heard one, especially on the Internet. But is it true? I’m a believer in heredity and genetics as opposed to the ‘blank slate’ idea of human nature; we do inherit many if not most of our traits and our temperament from our ancestors, though environment plays its part, at least on the surface. I also believe in the idea of ‘race memory’ though some no doubt scoff at the notion. And I do hope we are our fathers’ children and that we won’t falter when put to the test.  We’re descendants of some of the most resourceful and hardiest peoples of Europe, or we wouldn’t be here. Our colonist/settler/pioneer ancestors endured great hardships, and underwent grueling ordeals just to survive and to create a liveable society out of a wilderness. The Europeans perhaps have more remote experiences of having to survive despite daunting odds, and our common European ancestors were courageous men who managed to drive the Moslems out of Europe, time and again. Ralph Peters seems to think this a shameful episode in our common family history — but Europe as it has been for the last millennium or so would not have existed had it not been for what he regards as xenophobia.

I don’t know if Europe will survive this onslaught; the peoples of Europe (especially our closest kin in Northern and Western Europe) have been subjected to a few generations of relentless mental conditioning — perhaps ‘brainwashing’ is not an exaggeration — and it will take some traumatic events, probably, to awaken them from their somnolence and passivity. I agree with the blogger Cambria Will Not Yield that Europe must rediscover its Christian roots, and turn to Christ again, or there is little hope of recovery. If even a remnant returns, that might turn the tide. Europeans must see that Marxism, whether the economic or cultural kind, is a shabby and inadequate substitute for the Faith of their fathers, and I hope they awaken to that fact. Soon.

People like Peters will call ethnopatriotism ‘xenophobia’ and decry the unfairness of sending masses of outsiders back to their places of origin — but this is the only way Europe can hope to survive. Merkel and the other members of the globalist cabal may think they have presented Europe with a fait accompli, which can’t be reversed. But it has been done. How was it that Europeans were driven out of their former colonies en masse? Was that ‘xenophobia’ on the part of the natives? In any case it can work both ways, can’t it?

4 thoughts on “The ‘Eurabia myth’, according to Peters

  1. It's interesting how libs and those influenced by them pathologize every normal human affection. Thus patriotism becomes “xenophobia.” As the Scripture says, “Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil.


  2. Roland – thanks for your comment, as always. I appreciate your being here.

    I wonder if there's any way we — meaning our side — can regain some control over the discourse, what with the media being more or less an arm of the System, a mouthpiece for the Powers-That-Be. It seems they're firmly in control of the debate, and if you control the language and the flow of information — any real dissent is at a huge disadvantage.


  3. Thanks for taking on Ralph Peters, VA. “Sharp-tongued and cynical commentator who made scathing predictions about Europe” describes him. Peters works himself up into almost a rage when discussing “racists” and “bigots” such as ourselves. He loves his Moslem and other Diversity friends and considers them the true Americans, after his neocon leaders of course. His act doesn't seem quite right.

    Peters' father was Lutheran Methodist and mother Welsh Methodist. He seems to have emphasized the worst features in both and likely has some sort of resentment of the English inside his outrage. He grew up in an area 97% White and appears to look down on everyone who experienced a less White upbringing and took away some race realism from it. He may have to prove his anti-White street cred to his neocon paymasters.


  4. OA – Thanks for filling in some details about Peters; I didn't look into his background but it did always seem to me as if he has some kind of ax to grind, some kind of politically correct bias despite his image as a tough (ex?)military type.

    Maybe it's overcompensation as you say. Interesting explanation.


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