The Carson kerfuffle

Ben Carson, the latest of a string of ‘great black hope’ candidates among the GOP, makes yet another statement casting doubt on his ‘conservative’ credentials.

From Buzzfeed: Source: Ben Carson Is Endorsing Statehood For Puerto Rico

There has already been a stir created on the right by Carson’s recent gaffes (the Egyptian pyramids were meant to store grain) and then the revelation, from Politico, that he falsely claimed to have been offered a ‘full scholarship’ to West Point. The latter story caused quite a discussion on Vox Day’s blog. See here.

Please note the hyperreaction from Carson defenders. This in itself tells us something: the fact that so many ‘conservatives’ get so emotional about what they perceive as attacks on Carson. Politico, they say, is out to get him. Politico lied, etc. Others say the GOP itself is out to ‘get’ Carson. Why? It’s ‘cos he is black,’ maybe?

Now, does the left need the help of the ”right” in accusing people of ‘racism’? Moreover, are blacks so helpless, timid, browbeaten, fearful, that they have to have White people rushing to defend them at every turn, in effect, joining in the chorus of accusations of ‘White racism’? In my experience, black people are not shrinking violets who are afraid of speaking up, yet many Whites seem to perceive them as in perpetual need of Whites to paternalistically defend and speak for them in situations like this.

Could there possibly be an underlying belief that blacks are, in fact, in need of our protection — that they are childlike? It’s tempting to conclude that some ‘colorblind’ conservatives believe that.It would be easy to conclude that the ‘White Knights’ who see themselves as champions of blacks are assuming some kind of deficiency or lack of competency on the part of their black ‘wards.’ But I will resist the temptation to say that these people are ”the real racists.”

The manosphere uses the term ‘White Knighting’, as I understand it, to apply to men who misguidedly adopt a chivalrous attitude in protecting women — well, it would be just as apt if we apply ‘White knighting’ to mean Whites seeing themselves as particularly the defenders of blacks or minorities. We have the Left doing this and now the ”right”. I am sure that this suits the anti-White powers-that-be just fine. They want us to abandon our own, and also to fall to arguing amongst ourselves about minorities, pointing fingers at each other — “You’re the real racists!” –“I’m not a racist, but you are!”

Meantime the people who make a living from stoking not only interracial conflict but intra-racial conflict amongst Whites are enjoying the show. Whites have become far too habituated to sticking up for their ‘favorite minority group’ (“Hispanics are preferable to blacks, Asians are preferable to both, Sikhs are good guys in contrast to Moslems,” etc. etc.) or their favorite minority individual (“Bill Cosby is being persecuted!“) which puts them at odds with fellow Whites. They seem to prefer to mix it up with fellow Whites than to let a minority be criticized.

Diversity not only leads to interracial, interethnic conflict but to intraracial conflict — the latter occurring mainly among White people. The more immigration and ‘vibrancy’ we have, the more Whites are divided, with too many of us siding with outsiders and denouncing our own folk.

Free speech suffers, as we have Whites policing each other, calling each other ‘racist’, in addition to the fact that we now have activist minorities monitoring and trying to censor what we say and control even what we think.

I realize there is a tendency for Republicans to defend anyone who is attacked by the Left, but there seems to be a disparity here in regards to race: more Republicans seem to be up in arms about perceived attacks against Carson than were upset about the verbal attacks and threats on Sarah Palin. Palin was not perfect, but she had fewer defenders than Carson seems to have, despite the very vile and disturbing things that were said about her in the media and the abuse and threats and harassment that came her way. But then she was White. Race matters to the ”colorblind” conservatives, but only in the same way that it matters to the Left.

As for Carson, he obviously has a tendency to foot-in-mouth disease, and as long as he is in this ridiculous presidential race, it would seem we should expect more of the same from him — and unfortunately we will see more squabbles and more race-baiting among Republicans aka “conservatives.”

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