Send Dr. Who back to Gallifrey

The ‘Doctor’ from the BBC series Dr. Who should stop meddling in earth’s business.

The so-called entertainment media are now mostly conduits for political/social propaganda. The left has often said that ‘the personal is political’, therefore social engineering is promoted by way of movies, TV series, popular music, and and the sports world. The Dr. Who series is no exception, sad to say.

Science fiction has long been described, usually by leftist Sci-fi writers as being subversive,, so it’s no surprise that today’s sci-fi is full of propaganda. Back in the 90s when we had cable TV, I noticed that virtually all science fiction had highly sexualized themes, and especially inter-species sex — humans plus ‘aliens’ usually. At the time I thought this was creepy, but I was not as conscious then as to what was going on in the world generally, how this globalist plan was afoot, to blend all of those loosely called ‘the human race’ into one amorphous gene pool.

Now of course it’s obvious that miscegeny is considered not only OK, but in fact an imperative, according to world leaders like Sarkozy, former French Prime Minister. And when these globalists talk about the need for ‘assimilation’ and ‘integration’ what that boils down to is: the breaking down of genetic barriers: everybody intermixing with everybody else, willy-nilly. This used to fall under the heading of ‘promiscuity’, but nowadays the media have convinced most people that promiscuity is healthy and ’empowering’ for women, and anybody who does not approve of it is behind the times and prudish. So if one’s choice of sexual partners must expand to include every people, language, race, tongue, and ethnicity, then that’s a good thing — it’s ”diverse and inclusive”, and it will likely be a hate crime in future not to couple with people of every possible group. Monogamy is passe for most people, and ethnoloyalty, staying true to one’s own kind and ancestral group, is narrow and hateful and xenophobic, or will be described as such very soon.

Enter the writers of the long-running Doctor Who series from Britain: the recent episode called ‘The Zygon Invasion’ is a very thinly-disguised propaganda piece, with the Zygons standing in for Islamic invaders. I haven’t seen the episode as I don’t have TV, only streaming content from Roku, but I’ve been told about it by someone who has seen it, and of course Bruce Charlton’s blog had a recent short discussion of the episode.

Below is the comment on the episode from a fan in an online discussion, describing a character called ‘Osgood’:

“Her character’s beliefs all summed up in 4 beautifully simple words: I am The Peace. She doesn’t want the radicalized splinter-faction of the Zygons to terrorize the world. She also doesn’t want humanity to bomb the Zygons into surrender either. Like the Doctor, she strives to bring about the best in people, no matter what the circumstances. The rest of the world may be falling apart in the face of paranoia and bigotry, but Osgood is the rock that will somehow restore the peace in the end.”

I am The Peace. Obviously the usual doctrinaire leftie mantras. Notice too the reference to the invading Zygons (who in early Doctor Who episodes were repellent villains) as ”a radicalized splinter faction” — sound familiar? Remember how our ‘leaders’ kept saying the terrorists were ‘radicals’ who did not represent the peaceful majority of Moslems?
The rest of the fan’s comments sum up the usual drivel about ”paranoia and bigotry” and ”restoring peace.”

Are the fans so blind to the reality around them that they can’t recognize this naked propaganda for what it is? Can they really not see where the present situation in Europe is leading? Do they honestly think that the real-life ‘Zygons’ can be appeased and pacified?

Since there were no comments that seemed to connect the episode to real life, and none who questioned the belief that the Zygons might be persuaded to make peace, I can only conclude that the majority, at least of those who watch Doctor Who, are blind and incredibly slow on the uptake.

But then the media have had a couple of generations to dumb everyone down and numb their consciences and their discernment.

Doctor Who, though it was immeasurably more entertaining in many of its earlier years, has always had pacifist, one-world, xenophilic messages in it. There were many episodes in which the Doctor,a character  apparently written as a dedicated pacifist, prevented the ‘bloodthirsty’ Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart from destroying some alien menace, all because the Doctor had a problem with using ‘violence’, even in self-defense, even to protect innocent life. The Doctor in his third incarnation refused to destroy his nemesis ”The Master” because he said he ‘looked forward’ to having this worthy opponent to go up against in future contests. Even knowing that ‘The Master’ was a diabolical genius, a danger to humanity.

As if it’s all just a game.

So the Doctor has always been a utopian pacifist, an ideologue who thinks in abstract terms and not in real-life, moral terms.

But now the propaganda is obviously in overdrive, and yet few seem able to see through it.
A tidbit of information about the viewership: “The episode was watched by 4.22 million viewers overnight in the UK, a 20.4% audience share.”

And how many Americans took in this ‘surrender monkey’ propaganda? I shudder to think. Science fiction fans often pride themselves on being more intelligent and perceptive than the average non-fan — but the fact that so many accept this unquestioningly gives the lie to that belief.

The second part of this Zygon Invasion episode apparently involves making peace with the invaders and accepting their presence. This is a new way of waging war: invading under the guise of ‘poor refugees’ who just want a better life, then, like the Zygons, showing their true form once inside the gates — and securing submission by making a false ‘peace’ with the gullible prey.

Islam, after all, means ‘submission’ and not peace, as the deceptive meme has it.

An odd factoid about the writer of this episode: Peter Harness apparently has spent considerable time with some theatre group in Malmo, Sweden. Does that latter name ring a bell? Those of us who pay attention know that Malmo is now notorious as a sort of rape capital of Europe, with members of its dominant majority Moslem population committing 100 percent of the rapes there in recent times. Yet Harness is acting as a de facto apologist for and appeaser of the Moslems — so apparently he is fine with the propensity of Malmo’s ‘immigrant’ population for rape — and rape of Swedish women.

One can only assume that he can’t use ignorance of the nature of Moslems as a defense if he (justifiably) draws criticism for being pro-Moslem and pro-invasion. His eyes are open and he knows what he is promoting. That makes it even more reprehensible.

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