Leftism/liberalism/political correctness diminishes the I.Q. It makes its adherents impervious to logic, bereft of common sense, and blind to the realities of human nature and to the real world of experience.

Case in point: this meme that has been spread around the Net by said cult adherents:

“To people blaming refugees for attacks in Paris tonight. Do you not realise these are the people the refugees are trying to run away from..?”

The person who tweeted this here says, more or less, that ‘we know refugees didn’t do these attacks.’ Why and how do we “know” this? Because the writer of these words says because they are refugees. Refugees aren’t terrorists. How’s that for circular logic, or is it merely a non sequitur? Whatever it may be it’s staggeringly childish, but then lefties and PC cultists are nothing if not cases of arrested development, perpetual adolescents, ”feeling” their way through life. Common sense? Never heard of it. No savvy.

The fact that Syrian IDs were found on one or more of the attackers who were killed, and that at least one has claimed to be a Syrian who came in as a ‘refugee’ does not in the least discourage the writer from his belief. Reality? Facts? Irrelevant. We ”know” that refugees aren’t terrorists because they are refugees. They are running away from the terrorists, you see.  So they could not possibly be terrorists. QED.

Anyone remember the Tsarnaev brothers, who were behind the Boston Marathon bombings? Their mother was a ”refugee”, and as such she was in our country legally. And remember Sulejman Talović,  who killed five people in 2007 in a mall in Salt Lake City? Reports were that he shouted the usual ‘Allahu akbar”. He was a Bosnian ‘refugee’, and here legally. More Bosnian ‘refugee’ terror plotting here.

More evidence? What about this case?  Or this? Or this Uzbek refugee in Idaho? Or these Iraqi ‘refugees‘ in Bowling Green, Kentucky, of all places? And this, from last year, warning of a ‘Trojan Horse’ plot against Europe?

This follow-up story on the Bowling Green ‘refugees’-cum-terrorists says that the incident might prompt better screenings of refugees, but we’ve lately been told that it is not possible to vet these millions of ‘refugees’ traversing the globe, so the Western ‘leadership’ throws up their collective hands and says we can only let them in; to do otherwise would be inhumane — and it’s so much more humane, according to them, if a few hundred or a few thousand Frenchmen or Americans or Swedes or Spaniards or Englishmen die, than to bar the gates against millions of unknown people from known hostile countries.

Too many people who have not even a nodding acquaintance with reality are voting in these treasonous ‘leaders’ who seem to be waging biowarfare on their citizenry by means of immigrants and ‘refugees’ who may be at worst, wolves in sheep’s clothing and at the very best, “only” a means of replacing native-born citizens, and undermining social cohesion and the West’s way of life.

2 thoughts on “Blindness

  1. “It makes its adherents impervious to logic, bereft of common sense, and blind to the realities of human nature and to the real world of experience.”

    So, liberalism is like Jack Daniels, only without the pretty women and good times on a Saturday night?


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