Disturbing details

The massacre at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris is the subject of posts on several blogs. Several blogs have blurred-out photos of the massacre aftermath, showing bodies sprawled in pools of blood. I have seen the original, non-blurred photos.

Thinking Housewife expresses skepticism: was this a ‘staged’ scene? She questions certain details:

Why is no one attending to these victims? Where are the emergency responders? It’s very unusual even when only police have arrived for no one to help those who have been shot. Usually even victims who are believed to be dead are rushed to hospitals just in case they may be revived. That is standard practice. And yet these victims are left in piles. Is this the moment before any police and medics arrived? Does that mean no one stayed behind to help these poor people, some of whom may have survived if they were treated?”

Reading a much more extensive and detailed report, with more photos, from the UK Daily Mail yields much more information. Reading it,seeing more pictures of the scene,  I am satisfied that this was not a hoax or a staged scenario. The concertgoers were apparently packed tightly as with many such concerts, and in close quarters, being held at gunpoint by the attackers, they could not easily start taking photos with their cell phones. The article contains the witness reports of concertgoers who survived.

The Daily Mail headline says the attackers “even butchered fans in wheelchairs”, who were in a special area to view the concert. I can’t say I am shocked because I remember one of the early terror acts in the modern era, the hijacking of the ship, the Achille Lauro. A wheelchair-bound passenger was thrown overboard to his death, so this is standard behavior for these cold-blooded ‘people.’ Perhaps the younger generations haven’t heard of these events from the 1970s-1980s.

But the more disturbing reports come from the French site Fdesouche saying that the terrorists, armed with knives, slit the abdomens of those who were wounded and helpless, and that the torture carried on for some time.

After having heard and read of so many examples of such inhumanity from these people, I find this all credible. And it’s disturbing, because I honestly cannot begin to fathom what would bring a human being to be able to do such things. I can’t conceive of hating anyone, especially a total stranger, so much that I would cold-bloodedly do such horrific things. I can’t begin to understand the white-hot hatred that leads to such icy cruelty. I can’t imagine what could motivate anyone to be willing to blow themselves up just to be able to simultaneously kill or maim ”infidels.” Anybody who could or would do such things should not be breathing free air or walking amongst normal humanity.

And yet the leftists accuse people like me, in other words anybody to the right of Stalin, of being ”hateful haters who hate”. They had better start noticing who the world champion haters are: the people who have been carrying out attacks on random strangers for the last 40 or so years, in this current wave of terror. And it isn’t the ”right wing”, and it certainly is not White Christians or even White non-Christians. If the dangerously deluded left would just get out of the way and let realistic adults run things, we would never be under attack in our own countries — or what, at least, used to be our own countries.

3 thoughts on “Disturbing details

  1. I respect all the work you have done on this VA, and your arguments hold weight, but I tend to side with Thinking Housewife on this one. I think it is staged. The red looks like paint that is uniform like it was painted on in one area. You can see grooves in the red paint, which could only come from being brushed.


  2. OA – I guess we will have to agree to differ.
    I worry that there is a tendency of some on the right (not saying I include you, OA) who pooh-pooh any idea of malice on the part of Moslems. Some go so far as to say that they Moslems might be our friends and allies, if we stopped being so hostile to them.
    I see so much evidence, both in the 'real world' and in the news that the malice on the part of Islam is real, and there's ample reason to believe the terror attacks are happening. There's a danger of being too skeptical also. IMO we must find a happy medium between gullibility and skepticism.
    I know many utterly distrust the 'mainstream' media, and I don't trust or respect them at all, but to disbelieve just about everything they report is risky too. That way lies madness in my opinion; can we even believe our own eyes, if one wants to be totally skeptical? If the MSM or TPTB lie about everything, where do we get our information, as we can't witness events in France, for example, first hand? Most of us don't have close friends or contacts to verify what we see in the news. And suppose our friends or contacts are lying, too?

    Or does the external world even exist? We have to believe in something or somebody, while taking many things with a grain of salt, and using our God-given discernment.

    The truth has to be knowable, or life becomes absurd and hopeless.


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