‘Missing’ refugee?

Gateway Pundit reports that at least one Syrian ‘refugee’ who was placed in Louisiana went missing. An update to the post says that the missing individual was found ‘in another state’ and placed with Catholic Family Services, the resettlement agency through which he was placed originally.

I suspect this is just one case of many. And though most of the states in the Union are now on record as opposing the seeding of Syrian ‘refugees’ within their borders,  I was saying in a conversation with someone in the ‘real world’ today: suppose their states do refuse to allow this seeding. What’s to stop the ‘refugees’  from simply removing themselves from one state to another? We still have free movement within this country. I don’t see how ‘refugees’ can be kept from relocating to whatever state they choose, particularly if they have relatives or other contacts in other states.

And what if they are ‘sleeper’ agents, who will join up with others in cells here and there? It has been known to happen. Only the blind and the willfully naive or dishonest can say it hasn’t happened, much less that it can happen.

The fact that these ‘refugees’ are NOT being vetted (the government has said they can’t do so) is also a problem. But I remind everybody that for decades we have let in many Latin Americans and assorted others who enter illegally and whose true identity is not known; some carry multiple IDs. They are not vetted, either. Our government is blithely cavalier about this fact, and is happy to welcome millions of unknown people of unknown background, with unknown intentions. This should trouble us. Even legal immigrants from Third World countries have no ‘paper trail’ or perhaps carry forged IDs, as with many of the refugees in Europe carrying forged Syrian papers. Our government does. not. care. Yet we citizens have to jump through hoops to prove our identity, and are increasingly surveilled and watched, every aspect of our lives documented. We even have to show picture ID at the doctor’s office — for our own protection, they say. Immigrants, refugees are exempted from all the scrutiny in many instances.  Just their say-so is enough.

And do the governors of the several states, or other elected officials, have the right, in the eyes of the federal government, to defy the policy of the D.C. government? Many Northerners in these United States claim that the issue of ‘State’s rights’ was settled once and for all by the War Between the States, in which those who asserted ‘state’s rights’ were crushed, to the approval of most in the North. So now that we’ve given so much power to a centralized government in that alien place called D.C., will these states refusing Syrian ‘refugees’ have a legal leg to stand on?

How can we prevent free movement of these ‘refugees’? I say we can’t. The powers-that-be seem to be able with their vast surveillance system to track all of us American citizens, including phone calls, e-mails, snail mail (so I’ve read), our contacts on social media, our location and movements, via our cell phones and computer use. But when it comes to tracking people who do represent a real threat they plead impotence. They ignored warnings about Nidal Malik Hassan, the Tsarnaevs, and who knows how many others. Funny how selective they are in tracking people and acting on any suspicion.

5 thoughts on “‘Missing’ refugee?

  1. “And do the governors of the several states, or other elected officials, have the right, in the eyes of the federal government, to defy the policy of the D.C. government? Many Northerners in these United States claim that the issue of 'State's rights' was settled once and for all by the War Between the States, in which those who asserted 'state's rights' were crushed, to the approval of most in the North.”

    In the eyes of the federal government, they do not. In my eyes, they do. Until the 14th Amendment, the citizens of the several states were that. After that, they were considered citizens of the United States. The governors have no greater responsibility to protect their citizens. As Bobby Jindal said last night when he announced he was ending his candidacy (something long overdue in my mind), the Feds never told him that LA would be receiving refugees; they were simply dropped there.

    Going back to your post beneath this one (about the Paris attacks, I was out of town hunting from Friday until yesterday but caught it on my phone on Friday evening), I don't think it was a hoax. I really question those who believe attacks by Muslims like that or 9/11 were hoaxes or conspiracies. My true belief is there are some who honestly believe that they were hoaxes or nobody died. There are others, however, who say they were hoaxes or what have you because they simply do not want to admit there are people in this world who will kill us for whatever reason (American military presence in the Middle East, our popular culture, how the State Dept. pushes foreign policy, etc.) and that no amount of groveling, begging, whining will stop these people.

    Having worked as a federal contractor, I can assure you incompetence is the general rule of thumb. If people could see what i saw dealing with the U.S. military, they'd be stunned and ask what I've asked a friend (who did a year in Afghanistan and went to high school and undergrad with me), “How do we win any war?” HIs response, “It's like the stone age vs. the space age.”


  2. And to think the White House released an official statement expressing how strong the vetting process is for Syrian “refugees”. If I'm not mistaken, Syria lacks the technology and equipment required to document and track the history of their own people. Where in the world are we getting our intelligence from concerning these people? This is madness.


  3. @ A Visitor – thanks for your comment, and your perspective as someone with direct knowledge of how things work (or don't, as the case may be).
    I can understand how many people have become so suspicious of, and cynical about the Powers-that-Be and the media, that they begin to doubt everything. But in a way I think they want this kind of reaction, and I believe that there is a certain amount of disinformation thrown out there which is meant to sow confusion and distrust of everything. If we disbelieve everything then what information do we have to go by?

    Nick – yes, they are bluffing (to put it charitably) when they claim they are vetting these people, or that there is a 'strong vetting process.' If you read Refugee Resettlement Watch you will read statements by the people involved in bringing the refugees, saying that 'no refugees have ever been involved in terror acts.' Wrong, as I pointed out by that partial list of refugees who have in fact been involved. But it's the official story and they're sticking to it.


  4. @ A Visitor – you asked about the photo. I can't say it's a photo I took; I snagged it from one of those 'free photo' websites, though I did some alterations to it to get the certain look I wanted. Glad you like it. It summons up memories for me.


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