Meanwhile, on the Texas border…

Eight Syrians were caught trying to cross into Texas at Laredo. How  many got across without being caught? For decades we’ve let millions of unknown (and needless to say, unvetted) Latin Americans and others cross our erstwhile borders freely, at their whim. Our feckless lawmakers and ICE officials claimed they could not stop the border crossers. This advertised to the whole world that our nation’s doors and gates were wide open, and that anybody who wanted to could enter at will. This made us targets, vulnerable to, at worst, potential terrorism and violent drug cartel violence, as well as random crimes. But this seems not to matter to those who are supposedly in charge. I can only conclude that this is all by design, as there is admittedly a plan to demographically change all Western countries, culminating in the real-life ‘Camp of the Saints’ siege that we are witnessing now.

Then there is the tale of the five Syrians with fake passports caught in Honduras when en route to this country. Again, how many are there that were not intercepted?

And wait, there’s more: throngs of unaccompanied ‘children’ are now trying to surge across the southern border again. I guess the numbers were insufficient to accomplish the goals of the Powers-That-Be last time. So somebody organized another influx of ‘children’. I say ‘children’ sardonically, because the last group of ‘waifs’ who came across the border to be scattered hither and yon in this country were said to be, in some cases, 30+ years old. Who knows how old any of them are, as they come undocumented or with false IDs.

Let’s be realistic: most of the immigrants, legal or not, who come here are unvetted; most come from countries with poor record-keeping practices and many come with forged IDs or no IDs at all. So these unvetted ‘refugees’ are just the latest example of our promiscuous ‘come one, come all’ philosophy of ‘immigration.’

The  unaccompanied ‘children’ propaganda is a nice, if heavy-handed touch, blatant in its attempt to evoke sympathy and tears on the part of the sentimentalists among us. After all, how can civilized people turn away ‘children’, even if they look suspiciously ‘mature’ for their purported ages?

As I’ve said for years now, where does this all end, or does it? There are potentially billions in the Third World who aspire to come here, and all Western governments see their primary duty as being to assist any Third World immigrant, ”refugee”, asylee, fugitive whatever, to get here and get their share of our birthright. We? We’re just obstacles, no more and no less, to these plans.

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