Of crybullies and the perpetually offended

Some students put in distress calls to the administrator at a Wisconsin college. What were these callers, who seemingly were coordinated, complaining of? Well, they claim to have experienced ‘fear’ at the sight of a flag.

The article describes the flag which created ‘fear’ and ‘angst’ in the hearts of delicate college students, as a Confederate flag. What they presumably meant was what is more properly known as a Confederate battle flag, or a Confederate naval jack.

The actual flag of the CSA was not the flag that is carelelessly called ‘THE’ Confederate flag. You’d think people in an institution of ‘higher learning’ would know these things — the students as well as the administrators. But no one cares enough to get their facts and names straight and thus avoid betraying their ignorance.

But these kids — and even though they are probably over 21 in many cases — have been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to react with horror and faux shock when confronted with anything that challenges the politically correct dogmas with which they are being indoctrinated. They had best learn quickly that the real world, which awaits them outside the PC confines of the campus, has all kinds of people with all kinds of different viewpoints. Kiddies: you may not like the opinions and the views of some of those people out there, and since you have been raised to be such delicate little hothouse flowers, you will likely spend a lot of your life feeling ‘fear’ and ‘angst’ at things that challenge what you have been fed. Best get over it; you cannot make everything ‘go away’ that offends your delicate sensibilities. And another trivial little point here: there is such a thing as a right to freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. There is a document called the Constitution that guarantees such rights, and those rights are not just granted to those who parrot the accepted and safe opinions of your peers and you.

I’m offended greatly by much of what the politically correct hacks of the mass media offer us. I’m offended by leftists who disparage and insult Christians, traditional Americans of all sorts, especially White people, Anglo-Saxons, and Southrons. I am offended by the constant catering to the professional grievance-mongers, those who claim to be ‘victims’ at every turn.

But do I call authorities to silence or take action against those who offend me? No, only totalitarian ‘liberals’, the preachers of ‘tolerance’ do that. In Europe, Canada, or Australia, people are arrested and jailed for ‘offending’ certain protected groups. Is that what the complainers wish for?

Just for the record, the Confederate battle flag does not symbolize ‘hate’ or ‘slavery’. Such perceptions are subjective. Read a history book, preferably one written before the current reign of cultural Marxism/political correctness. Most history books written post-1960 have the odor of political correctness about them; even supposed ‘conservative’ or middle-of-the-road historians have kowtowed, thanks to the intolerance of the left. But some honest history books were written, once upon a time, by non-ideologues.

Why is it that only in recent times have people claimed to experience ‘fear’ and ‘intimidation’ at the mere sight of a piece of cloth, whose meaning they don’t even know? A one-off event in Charleston in recent months does not explain how suddenly a flag ‘frightens’ or traumatizes people. Even black people in past times did not faint away or call the police on simply seeing the Confederate battle flag. If there is any real fear or intimidation at the sight of it, it’s pretended; it’s all political theatre and agitprop, all meant to force the complete outlawing of the flag and to crush every last symbol of the South. It’s staged. It’s another ‘hate hoax’, of which there are many. Hate hoaxes and feigned outrage are power plays, pure and simple. It’s a way of putting perceived enemies in their place, silencing them and intimidating them. It’s crying ‘help, help!’ while assaulting your supposed tormentor. Crybullying.

The War Between the States (also known by many Southrons, correctly, as the War of Northern Aggression, or the invasion of the South) was about a number of things: among them, the very important issue of State’s Rights. The South held the historically correct interpretation of the relative power of the States vis-à-vis the central Government.

The war was also about economic issues. The South wanted to secede and the North knew that this would be an economic blow to them. But yes, slavery was an issue that was part of the conflict. The North, though there were still slaves in the North, self-righteously took up the cause of abolitionism, without any thought for the consequences of freeing masses of slaves, unprepared as they were to adjust to life as freedmen, fending for themselves. Many did not fare so well — but the John Browns and the Harriet Beecher Stowes of the North and their cult followers would have it no other way, so something like 600,000 to 850,000 people died as a result of the North’s obsession with freeing the slaves at all costs.

A number of my kinsmen, including direct ancestors, fought for the Confederacy. They were Christians, gentlemen; decent human beings, not monsters. I am truly offended that their memories and names are being slandered. That’s a genuine reason to feel affronted.

One of my great-great-grandfathers died in battle in Tennessee. Those soldiers were mostly fighting for home and hearth, for their states, for their families and neighbors. They fought bravely to try to prevent what eventually happened — the slaughter and depredations perpetrated by the Northern forces, most vividly illustrated by the infamous Sherman’s March to the Sea. Read a first-hand account.

But to the Northerners, any and all methods justified the end — to free the slaves and to subdue and subjugate the ‘traitors’ in the South. Scorched earth tactics were used for the first time by Americans against other Americans. Northern Whites slaughtered fellow Whites for the sake — in part — of blacks.

And thus we have today’s situation: the people complaining about that innocuous flag, the flag of my fathers, on behalf, primarily of blacks. Who might not even feel offended on their own; their White ‘protectors’ take offense for them. As if they don’t have minds of their own. White liberals are self-elected spokesmen and representatives of blacks, so they seem to think.

What is it about people who get offended on behalf of others? White Americans act as ‘White Knights’ who look for occasions to ‘rescue’ poor persecuted minorities who are supposedly besieged by White villains? This is something new under the sun.

Or maybe not. That was the story of the War Between the States: it could be seen as Americans’  first War Between the Whites, with the aggressors championing blacks. It was a war which was bloody and the aftermath continues to this day. So far, the currrent war is mostly a cold war between ”liberal”/leftist/”progressive” Whites and normal Whites. It’s now mostly a verbal war, with the left throwing most of the insults, taunts, and threats, along with passive-aggressive behaviors, such as snitching on people who transgress PC unwritten laws. But if it continues to escalate, and if the ”progressive” anti-White Whites continue to incite the minorities they think they are protecting, then it may well heat up again. Whatever happens, it can’t continue on its present trajectory much longer. It will end up in total suppression of freedom on the part of the totalitarian left and their minority clients, or the pendulum will make one big swing back in the opposite direction. The pendulum has gone about as far left as it can go.

3 thoughts on “Of crybullies and the perpetually offended

  1. The stupidity of leftist economic thinking is becoming manifest. The iron laws of arithmetic are operating and the crimes of stealing from the productive for the indolent and of burdening the next generation cannot continue. The hysteria and attacks on free speech are a symptom of the left's unconscious realization that their ideas are bankrupt. The West of today manifests absurdity and lies in all areas. All.

    Normal people see this and their anger and frustration are mounting. Things will not return to the familiar but diseased state of the last 50 years.


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