For once, they are calling the attackers a hate group

Another Confederate Battle Flag incident, this time in Washington state.
[H/T Hunter Wallace]

This attack on an Air Force pilot happened in Washington State — another liberal stronghold, like Wisconsin, in yesterday’s flag ‘scare.’ .The local TV news report on the group of ‘anarchists’ does not discuss the attack on an the pilot, which even the Washington Post addresses.

The Air Force Times description of the incident is more specific in referring to the self-styled anarchist thugs as a hate group, though they put it in scare quotes.

“Police in Olympia, Washington, are looking for two men who assaulted an Air Force officer during a supposedly peaceful protest Sept. 5.

The officer, described as a pilot at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, was stopped in traffic due to the protest when he was singled out by a “local hate group,” which calls itself the “anarchists,” according to a police news release.”

The officer was beaten with a baseball bat by a group of men — typical cowardly attack. And these are the kinds of people who condemn “hate”. To them the Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of ”hate”. Well, let’s ban the anarchist symbol, too, since anarchists are self-evidently haters.

Are these useful idiots getting their marching orders from on high somewhere? It seems as if they’ve been told to go out and hunt down Confederate symbols in particular and to go after those who dare to display them. The over-aged children in the universities have been so heavily mind-conditioned to have a knee-jerk response to Confederate and Southern symbols that they either react with tears and calls for help from the authorities, or else they are the Antifa-type thugs and enforcers who are prepared to use violence. How long before someone is killed in such an incident, and will the media even cover it when it does happen? No, they will be too busy covering stories about some offended minority, sexual, racial, or religious, feeling ‘intimidated’ and ‘afraid’ because of a word, a picture, or a flag. (Or even dog excrement — here).

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