Heather MacDonald: Politically incorrect – up to a point

This piece by Heather MacDonald, pointing out some politically incorrect statistics on interracial crime and violence, appears on National Review. That’s surprising, considering that National Review has purged some very good people who pointed out ‘hatefacts’ in the past. I am thinking of Sam Francis, first and foremost, though there have since been other casualties, as NR tries to retain its ‘respectable Republican’ image and base.

Heather MacDonald, if I recall correctly, is a libertarian, so she will not share the same sensibilities as Sam Francis or any ethnonationalist/ethnopatriot. But she does, nevertheless, make some useful points about the reaction to the Charleston shootings, and about the actual rarity of white-on-black crimes like the Charleston incident, compared to the much higher incidence of violence towards Whites. And the media’s obvious decision to ignore or downplay any black-on-white violence while hyping the supposed menace of White racism, as in this quote MacDonald uses in her article:

Blacks live with the “daily threat of terror,” according to Patricia Williams Lessane, the director of the Avery Institute for Afro-American History and Culture at the College of Charleston. Such “terror,” Lessane wrote in the New York Times, “does not exist within a vacuum. It looms within the growing prison-industrial state, against the backdrop of school-reform debates, our slow movement toward gun reform and the political maneuvers by Republicans to make it increasingly more difficult for poor people and minorities to vote. The reality that our civil rights are under attack is just as heavy as our fear for our lives.”

[Emphasis above is mine.]
Based on the actual statistics, it’s obvious to all but the most blind (which includes leftists and the ‘professional victims’ they champion) that Whites have much more cause to fear for their lives, depending on the demographics of where they live, than blacks. Blacks, on the other hand, are more likely to be killed by other blacks. But somehow these facts remain obscured to most people.
It’s good that MacDonald has written this piece; maybe it will reach a few of those ‘respectables’ who are subscribers to NR. On the other hand, it may just as well help them to rationalize their concerns by blaming ‘social causes’ rather than genetic tendencies or IQ for the disparities in racial violence. If only blacks followed the examples of Dr. Ben Carson, or Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas, and adopted what the GOP call ‘the conservative ideology’, then they could all be high achievers: surgeons, economists, Supreme Court Justices. Just like in Hollywood and TV.
So MacDonald, perhaps not consciously, is following a safe line of reasoning, while explaining black-on-white crime: in a nutshell,  it’s the culture. This is the line frequently heard at Free Republic: it’s their culture. They need education and role models and Conservative Ideology. I believe many libertarians (of which MacDonald is one) follow that line of reasoning as well. The underlying assumption is that all are equal and that if everyone has the right environment, anyone can succeed.
It seems to me that continuing to try to side-step the issue of genetic heritage will only keep us caught in the loop that we are in as a people: the egalitarianism has to go, root and branch. We can’t keep hiding behind these rationalizations just to avoid being labeled and cast into the outer darkness — as was Sam Francis. He spoke the truth and paid a price, but avoiding the truth carries a much higher price tag.

3 thoughts on “Heather MacDonald: Politically incorrect – up to a point

  1. I totally agree. Just as it's those damn racist democrats who are the real problem not us color blind conservatives.

    As we have talked about for sometime they are now coming after the Founding Fathers with both barrels. Looks like trashing the Confederate flag and symbols didn't fix the race issue…


  2. I'm not surprised someone with as rubbery a face as Macdonald's would believe in the malleability of human nature.

    It's the old alchemist mentality – with enough education and social planning, we might turn lead into gold.


  3. Ernest – good to see you here. Yes, the Founding Fathers are definitely in their sights, and Thomas Jefferson is now being described by some in the media as a 'rapist' as if it's fact. Funny the media had no problem with rape when umpteen women accused a certain Democrat president of that.

    Shotgun – I've never seen MacDonald so I take your word for it about the 'rubbery face'. Yes they do seem to believe that human nature can be shaped like clay, into anything they want.
    Alchemy – yes, that's about it.


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