It would be funny, if it weren’t tragic

A group of delicate ‘college students’ (read: adolescents with emotional ages of about six) required counseling — yes counseling, because they were exposed to an image of a Confederate battle flag on someone’s laptop. This happened in ultra-liberal, diverse Massachusetts. Massachusetts, in case you aren’t aware, is no longer dominated by descendants of English Puritans, but by ‘diversity’ going back back to the 19th century immigrant wave. Now of course it’s enriched by the more recent ‘diversity’ reinforcements.

“Observing that students on campus in general may have suffered a traumatic reaction from seeing an image of the Confederate flag, Huddleston continued, “We recognize that bias incidents are upsetting for the entire campus community, but especially for the target(s) and witness(es) of these incidents.”
“It is strongly suggested that anyone impacted by a bias incident find someone to speak with,” he wrote.”

These school officials actually believe this nonsense. They surely should know better, while the millennials who make up the majority of the student body might be prone to adolescent hysteria, plus the effects of having been sheltered from politically incorrect reality for their whole existence. In a sense they are like the ”boy in a bubble” we heard about in the 70s. He was kept in a sterile bubble-like enclosure because he had no immune system. He could not be exposed to the outside world lest his life be endangered by exposure to common pathogens. Today’s politically-corrected, mind-conditioned young seem not to be able to handle exposure to ideas that their ”education” has not permitted. Thus they seem to get hysterical at any thought or idea or word or even an image which threatens their fragile sense of ”safety” and well-being. Is this real, or is it just political theater, manipulation for political reasons, agitprop? Who can tell?

If it’s staged and feigned, then shame on the ”adults” who run the universities for taking part in this sham. They are reprehensible, whatever the case may be, for feeding and encouraging this behavior by catering to it, and humoring it. The campuses seem more and more to be infected by some kind of mental contagion, a collective madness. Does anyone else find it disturbing that these ridiculous cases seem to be happening almost daily, lately?

For another example, there is this story from left-wing Washington state academia: Western Washington University suspended classes because somebody panicked when seeing ”hate speech” and threats on an anonymous social media site. President Bruce Shepard made the decision to close classes. Note: Shepard is the administrator who recently declared in a speech that his school was ”too White.” (He himself appears to be White; perhaps he could help remedy the ”too White” character of the school by resigning in favor of some Person Of Color. Set an example, Mr. Shepard)

“Shepard…said he was alerted by employees at the Bellingham school who saw the threat first on the anonymous social-media phone application Yik Yak. His message on the school’s website detailed threats he said he viewed as crimes, and pledged to go after whoever made them.
He said that the target was students of color, and that he decided to suspend classes because he was concerned about the safety of all students.”

He was concerned about safety because of what? The recent rash of attacks by Whites on People of Color everywhere? But there’s been no such incidents. Or maybe the many attacks by Whites on People Of Color on campuses across the country? Oh, wait, that hasn’t happened either. Not just in recent times, but at any time. Ever. Not even in the bad old days.

So where is this fear coming from? Isn’t unfounded fear popularly described as ”paranoia” these days? Since the left calls even reasonable fear a ‘phobia’, isn’t this some kind of  mental disorder, in their therapeutic religion?

And if I were the parent of a student on one of these hysteria-prone campuses, I would object to having my son or daughter frightened for no good reason, with no basis in reality. Are there no sane parents to speak up against this needless ginning up of fear and hysterics? The weepy group-hugs and candlelight vigils, the pious rituals supporting ”diversity” and all the rest of the staged drama?

Parents, when is enough, enough?

And for some perspective, the highly educated people who run these campuses ought to know that such ‘threats’ all too often prove to be hoaxes, perpetrated by the supposed ‘victims’, as in this case:

SOMERS — A black female University of Wisconsin-Parkside student confessed to detectives Friday night to her part in a hoax involving a false death threat against black students on campus, according to Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Bill Beth.
Beth said the student, whose name was not released to the media, told detectives she devised the hoax to bring attention to an earlier incident in the same campus dormitory where she lived and had placed copies of the death threat Thursday night. It included a list naming herself and 12 other students of color, which many other students viewed as a racially motivated “hit list.”

And this is by no means an isolated hoax. See this list.
These people in the academic ‘bubble’ need to re-connect with reality, both past and present, and get some perspective. They live in some kind of crazy parallel universe.

I will not be at all surprised if this Western Washington University ‘threat’ scare is another such hoax. But if it proves to be a fake, meant to keep alive the fear of ”racism”, then it will scarcely be mentioned in the media. Instead, the reprehensible ‘journalists’ will go on with their relentless script of ”racist Whites” lurking everywhere.

This amounts to slander. If false charges were made against an individual on such a frequent basis, the individual could bring legal action for libel, defamation of character, or some such. When we as a people are falsely accused and made to be cartoon villains who are perpetual conspirators against People Of Color, we are supposed to accept it as our lot in life, and not complain. But again, when is enough, enough? When will some of our folk, enough of our folk, speak up and object to being blamed for things we haven’t done? When will the ‘victim’ groups be held accountable for their conspiring to make false accusations against us, and bearing constant false witness against us?

The terrible thing is that generations of our own young people have been convinced that White people are innately evil and born ”racist”, while minorities can do absolutely no wrong. Even when they are caught red-handed, it is our fault somehow. These generations of our young people may be irretrievably lost, in that they may not be able to be de-programmed from their multicult, White Guilt programming.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, as somebody said.
Or is it “a brain is a terrible thing to wash?

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