Liberals all

Every now and then, someone mentions an internet discussion of recent news stories involving race, noting that the comments from the ‘general public’ sound ”just like the comments at SBPDL” or AmRen. This is meant, I suppose, to encourage us to believe that people are starting to ‘get it’, or to become realists on matters of race.

But just read some of the comments on this Free Republic thread, discussing a WaPo article on Rosa Parks.
Many, if not most, of the commenters think that it was perfectly fine for Communist activists to stage the famous bus incident, because it was in a good cause. Jim Crow was eeeevil and had to be stopped, because no one should experience discrimination for any reason whatsoever. Never mind that discrimination has not stopped; it’s just on the other foot, as it were. But no matter. Separation  was evil, so people had to be forced to associate.

“Just weird to think there was a time these attitudes and behavior were codified, promoted by communities at large and somehow acceptable.
No one should be treated differently because of the color of their skin.
All man, should always be accorded equal stature and respect.
Disgusting period in America and senseless when over 600,000 died over an argument about this.”

Or this:

“…it’s a shame that communists had to play a role in getting the buses desegregated. For that matter, it’s also a shame that we cede this civil rights territory to the liberals, when in fact, it was a very conservative and patriotic thing to not give up that seat on the bus.”

Was it a ‘conservative thing’ to integrate the schools at gunpoint, under coercion? Where does ‘freedom of association’ figure into this? Do none of these fake ‘conservatives’ understand that this whole scenario of outlawing every form of discrimination — in hiring, in serving or not serving certain customers, in immigration standards and laws, in college admissions — is what has brought about our demographic swamping by millions of Third Worlders? It’s led to the whole gay jihad against Christian America and every other social problem that plagues us. Do they not see a chain of events here, and notice a distinct pattern? Do they not see how we have enabled these social disasters by our silly ideology that ‘all men should be accorded equal stature and respect’?

Thomas Jefferson is most often accused of being the source of this Jacobin insanity, with his ‘all men are created equal’ phrase. Granted, it was a very bad choice of words, and if only he could anticipate what madness it would inspire when interpreted literally. Clearly, when one looks at Jefferson’s voluminous writings, it’s clear that he did not mean that all people are or were literally equal and the same, or that, heaven forbid, there would be no distinctions made for any reason. Distinctions, meaning discernment and discrimination, are part and parcel of ciivilized life. We don’t leave our doors open to one and all; we choose those we allow in, those who work for us, those who we want to live among, and who we want to marry. Why not just do all these things by lottery, if all discrimination and choice are to be outlawed?

Jefferson was decidedly realistic when it came to matters of differences amongst races, and he wrote frankly about such things as people were able to do in his day, as political correctness had not reared its repressive head as yet. There is no mistaking Jefferson as a utopian liberal on such matters — but the average liberal Republican seems oblivious to this, and espouses a Jacobin point of view. At the same time, paradoxically, the FReepers often complain of the racial disparity in crime: do they ever consider that Jim Crow laws were meant to protect those who are most often the targets for criminals? Apparently this is too hard for them to figure out.

I often think there is little hope of reaching these Republican liberals because part of their delusion is that they are in fact ‘right-wing’ and conservative. Just like the nonbeliever who thinks he is a ‘good person’ not in need of salvation can hardly be reached by Christian efforts, the Republican (or libertarian) who doesn’t see his own need for edification can’t be taught.

One thought on “Liberals all

  1. We all know that freepers are the most timid and least bright of conservatives. Don't be discouraged, just read elsewhere.


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