Bias in ‘hate speech’ charges

The authorities in this country are blatantly biased in how they react to alleged ”hate speech” incidents.
Compare and contrast the case I blogged about recently in Washington State, wherein a whole college was closed down in response to reported ”threats” in anonymous social media. Now there has been an arrest, and many of the PC crybullies and their professorial enablers are thrilled that a White man is in custody. His bail was set at $10,000, but he has apparently posted bail and was released. But be assured that the prosecutor will make the most of this case, as will the media, champing at the bit and salivating when a White person is ‘caught’ doing things that many nonwhites do with impunity on a regular basis.

To wit: another such ‘threat’ incident that caused many paranoid students at another college to get the vapors was also investigated, but to the great disappointment of the media, the perpetrator was not White. So the story will be henceforth forgotten.

“Kayla-Simone McKelvey, 24, of Union, a former president of the university’s Pan-African Student Union, was charged with third-degree creating a public false alarm. “

In the Washington state incident, a university spokesman says that

“University Police are continuing their investigation on all potential crimes posted on social media targeting Western.”
He encouraged students, faculty and staff who feel threatened to contact university police, Bellingham police or, for immediate threats, to call 911.”

 Feeling threatened, then, is enough to call 911? These people are hysterical. There are no attacks happening that warrant the kind of mindset that is being fostered and encouraged here. The very real attacks that are happening are those perpetrated by people like those in San Bernardino, and yet the fear-mongering  anti-Whites tell us that we should not fear Islam or its constant verbal threats and attacks; the Moslems are just misunderstood and persecuted victims. To the left, White men are the only ”threat”, and they will create incidents from whole cloth to support their malevolent ”narrative”. It’s unfortunate that they now have an actual incident which they can milk for their poisonous propaganda. It’s like Christmas for them. They will make maximum use of the ‘gift’ they’ve been handed.

As for the young woman pictured above who made threats to her own people while pretending to be a White ‘racist’ online, her crime is not as trivial as it is made to seem. It constitutes not just ‘creating a public false alarm’ but also bearing false witness against White people generally. How many such hoax ‘hate crimes’ have been discovered — and subsequently buried by the media, once revealed? How many more such ‘threats’ are actually hoaxes, meant to further foster unfounded fear and hatred of White people? The media and the crybully ‘hate hoaxers’ have contributed greatly to a smearing of Whites as a people, and building a lie, which brands Whites as a vicious and dangerous people. Statistics disprove the stereotype they are creating and statistics don’t lie. Unfortunately our media cover up facts and lie shamelessly, as do their favored victim groups.

The Miss McKelveys of the world will go scot-free and will escape legal consequences and social stigma, while the young man who said some rather reckless and ill-considered things will not; he will be made an example of.
Equality under the law? As always, some are more equal than others.

Note: more on ‘hate hoaxes’ here.

One thought on “Bias in ‘hate speech’ charges

  1. You identify many key issues of our situation, as usual VA. The sheer disdain our enemies have for us is shown clearly in each aspect you bring out.

    If we have second thoughts about why we speak up and risk the gauntlet of the respectable Whites as well as their masters and teachers, this sheer wall of contempt against us as too cowardly to speak back should cure it. To go away with our tail between our legs is only to earn their contempt and more hoax attacks on us of greater severity.


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