Our country as a ‘safe haven’?

After the San Bernardino killings yesterday, I held off on writing anything in part because there were so many conflicting stories and so much confusion over exactly what happened, and just who did what. Three shooters? Two?  What happened to the reported third man (remember the Oklahoma City bombing manhunt which originally targeted three men)?

In any case, there was not much doubt that it was likely to be jihad in some form or other, and I knew that simply by observing reality and using common sense. But the left tells me that means I am a bigoted hater. Nevertheless my ‘pattern recognition’ usually doesn’t fail me, and that says something, doesn’t it?

This article from the UK Daily Express tells us about some of the victims of the Moslem killer-spouses in San Bernardino. Much is made of the fact that some of the victims came here to ‘escape religious strife’ or persecutions in their Islamic homelands. One victim was an Iranian Christian, and as a Christian, of course, I sympathize with this woman; I feel for her family. These days there is so much talk on the part of Christians in the West about how we must give sanctuary to the Christians who want to escape Syria or Iran or any number of other countries — some of them in Africa — where there are Moslems targeting Christians. But is bringing them here a guarantee of their safety? Obviously not, as we are importing all the religious hatreds and conflicts along with the flood of ‘refugees’ from the Middle East and Africa. The Iranian woman who found ‘safety’ here ends up dying by violence inflicted by people from the culture and religion she thought to escape.

Vox Day refers to the idea of ‘magical dirt’, the idea that by coming to American soil, immigrants are to be magically transformed and become different people just by virtue of contact with our mystical soil and air.
Of course the idea is ludicrous when we look at it as it really is, but an amazing number of Americans (and Europeans too) subscribe to some variation of the idea. Once these benighted people land on our shores and breathe our ”free air” and meet all the welcoming Americans or Europeans, they will be Just Like Us, leaving all their superstitions, hatreds, and blood feuds behind them, forgotten. Obviously this does not happen, in most cases, if it happens at all.

We are told that the man, Syeed Farook, who committed the murders, was ‘living the American dream’, that he was just a family guy who liked snowboarding. Much as we were told the second-generation ‘British’ Islamics who committed the 7/7/2005 bombings in London were ‘very British’, loving cricket and eating fish ‘n chips. As if these surface details indicate that they were in all respects just like their ‘fellow Brits’ whose ancestors have lived in England for millennia. Likewise Syeed Farook was ‘very American’, a regular Yankee Doodle Dandy — who made the Hajj. Right. Obviously the ‘dirt’ did not work its magic as expected.

People will still insist that, despite the fact that the Moslem religion is growing in influence in our country and all over the West, that ”we” must still offer save haven to Christians fleeing persecution by Moslems, or to Jews, or Yezidis. Yet the very people who persecuted them in the ‘old country’ are here and more are coming, and will come, until this madness is ended. How is this a ‘safe’ environment for those persecuted?

And how can we know if some claiming to be Christian might in fact be Moslems practicing Taqiyya?
Surely some would attempt such a deception if it helped to gain entry. We know they have used deception; it must be tempting, given the childish gullibility of many Westerners, their almost pathetic desire to think the best of everyone.

But assuming the Christian refugees are genuine, how then can we promise safety to Christian refugees when we can’t even guarantee the safety of our own citizens, our families and ourselves? And where will American Christians flee when we are outnumbered here?

Save some of those tears for your own folk, fellow Christians. We are obliged to put the well-being and care of those of our own house (kinsmen, starting from our family outwards) first, before we try to save the rest of the world. And we haven’t got our own house in order yet. We cannot be responsible for the whole world. We have globalized the Islamic religious strife and made sure it’s spread to our once-safe lands.

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