Unmitigated gall

The attorney for the Farook family, in a display of brazen arrogance and stupidity, tells the public to ‘stop saying Muslim shooters’ when referring to the dead Muslim shooters who committed the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Okay, let’s not say ‘Muslim shooters.’ Let’s not say ‘Muslim’ at all, anyway, because it is a politically correct term, one which the Black Muslims [sic] imposed on the White infidels back in the militant madness of the late sixties. That’s why you don’t see the word ‘Muslim’ used here; the name Moslem was the accepted term in English-speaking lands, then it was suddenly changed, imposed on us by militant radicals. And we stupidly acquiesced, as we’ve always heretofore done when ‘militants’ of some minority group demand it.

So the word is Moslem, as far as I’m concerned. I understand the Moslems object to that word. Fine. I object to their terms for us. I object to their presence in ‘infidel’ lands.

As for calling the Farooks ‘shooters’, how is that inaccurate? Well, it minimizes what they did. What they did was murder, so they are not just ‘shooters’ — after all, anybody at a shooting range is a ‘shooter’ but most are not murderers. Or Jihadis. So they shouldn’t be called the neutral word ‘shooters’ but ‘murderers.’ Let’s be accurate.

This brazen attorney, David S. Chesley, also implies that Syed Farook (however you spell his name) may have had his feewings hurt when someone teased him about his beard. To imply that this is excuse or justification for opening fire on a roomful of unarmed, trusting people is just outrageous, but then that’s the kind of sleazy ‘ethics’ one expects from criminal defense attorneys, who are known to lie and to knowingly help guilty-as-hell clients off just for the sake of another ‘win’ on their records. Criminal defense attorneys, too, are almost all, to a man, left-wing as can be.

The Farook family, if they are brazen enough to try to issue orders to the American public through this sleazy mouthpiece are incredibly arrogant and presumptuous. But in my not inconsiderable experience of Moslems (or Mohammedans, shall we call them?) they tend to be arrogant and rude towards their ‘host’ people, while we try to placate and get along with them.

Time Magazine, in publishing this outrageous piece, is almost as much to blame as the Farook family and the defense lawyer. Shame on all of them.

P.S. this does not help their P.R., any of them. It alienates decent people. With any luck it will wake up a few.

One thought on “Unmitigated gall

  1. I've had enough of traitors like their attorneys. Yes, as U.S. citizens (which they should never have been) Farook's survivors have the right to attorneys. YOU are partly to blame for your son and his wife murdering 14 US citizens. IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT WE, AS DESCENDANTS OF THOSE OF FOUNDED THIS COUNTRY, HAVE TO SAY ABOUT, LEAVE!


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