Refugee resettlement racket still full steam ahead

And damn the torpedoes.
Despite the efforts of many states and their governors to stop this refugee resettlement juggernaut, these ”religious” agencies who are happily defying the expressed will of the people will go on raking in their money  from the government.

For their grubby thirty pieces of silver, they are selling out the native citizenry of the country. I hope they can sleep at night. But I am sure they tell themselves smugly that they are doing ”God’s work” in displacing the people of this country, the people whose hard-earned money is paying for their little do-gooding project.

All the major ‘religious’ (read: social justice) establishment churches are participating, as well as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

Maybe we could use a little separation of church and state here.

2 thoughts on “Refugee resettlement racket still full steam ahead

  1. There was a story today in the local newspaper in a suburb of a major southern city about the World Relief Organization resettling a Syrian family in the area. A local Mega Southern Baptist Church was aiding in the resettlement. The family is Muslim. No names were given because of the “sensitivity” of the issue. Prosperous White Southerners (although many are northern transplants) aiding in their own dispossession, anonymously, and feeling good about it. With these White people as voters, we will not be saved by the political process. Any other kinds of disruptions by Whites will be brutally suppressed. Prepare for a very grim future.


  2. Anonymous – I am afraid you are right.
    The South is being 'reconstructed' in the final phase of that infamous process started after the War Between the States.

    If our forefathers saw what has happened to their South, they would think their sacrifices were in vain.
    Nevertheless I hope our pessimism proves unfounded.


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