Mass migration as a weapon?

The Washington Times reports a continuing surge of ”children” crossing the Southern border (or what used to be a border),overwhelming immigration officials. Is anyone out there, anyone with any sense, who believes this is all just spontaneous, just poor, desperate people looking for a ”better life”? It could be halted — if there was the political will to do it. Obviously there is no desire to stop it; quite the contrary. So say the actions of ”our” government, regardless of what they say in words.

 But the title of this post is ‘Mass migration as a weapon.’
It’s not at all far-fetched. I believe I used the term ‘bioweapon’ when referring to the mass migration seemingly engineered by the Powers That Be, several years ago. Europe is being inundated as ‘helpless’ governments do little or nothing to stop it, just as with our Southern ‘border’ situation. But worse than doing nothing, people like Angela Merkel have opened the gates, and are consciously and openly swamping their countries, showing either indifference to the effect on the native populace, or outright hostility.

Elsewhere I blogged about how I thought the ‘Arab Spring’ business was meant not just to bring ‘democracy’ to Moslem countries or to depose ‘tyrants’ but to engineer mass movements of ‘refugees’ into Europe and all Western countries. It seemed inevitable.  So, at Irish Savant’s blog, a post by a regular commenter ‘Flanders’ links to sources discussing how Madame Merkel may have been ”inspired” by a book by an American academic, Kelly Greenhill.

The book describes how mass migration might be engineered and used to destabilize countries in various ways.
From the Memory Hole blog post, linked above, a description of one result of mass migration:

“Like immigration and refugee policy more generally, real and threatened migration crises tend to split societies into (at least) two mutually antagonistic and often highly mobilized groups: the pro- refugee/migrant camp and anti-refugee/migrant camp” Kelly Greenhill

In that section of her paper, Greenhill carefully explains how the planners of these Weapons of Mass Migration campaigns understand and manipulate both the anti-refugee camps as well as the pro-refugee camps. They do this in order to drive emotional wedges between the population of the targeted countries. Between each other and between the people and the elites who rule them. Her evaluation of it is extremely well documented.

No doubt ”divide and conquer” or ”divide and rule” as otherwise translated, is part of the strategy, but what is the goal, other than to serve some short-term political or military aim? The fact is, there is a deep-seated antipathy and malice that has been growing on the part of the Left, and it has existed for some decades; it’s inevitable when two groups of people have deep differences in core beliefs and ”values”. The left has become more irrational and hostile over the last couple of decades. The polarization is not new, and as far as opposition to uncontrolled immigration/invasion, it is not manipulated into existence. It’s nothing more than a healthy sign that some people have not been ‘conditioned’ into passivity. Some people actually have a self-preservation instinct and the natural inclination to defend their homes, properties, and family. Some of the comments in these blog posts imply that those objecting to this mass movement of peoples are just pawns, tricked into turning on their fellow citizens, when in fact they are just exhibiting healthy survival instincts, and loyalty to kin and neighbor.

And yes, this internal conflict diminishes our ability to effectively oppose these totalitarian measures being used against our countries by the globalist monomaniacs. But can we just shake hands with our leftist ”fellow citizens” and put our differences aside in the name of unity? Hardly. The left, even those who make a lot of noise about opposing the ‘new world order’ or ‘globalism’ actually want the same things as the corporate capitalist globalists. They want One World, no nations. They desire widespread miscegenation and the existence of a grey, ugly pop culture reigning worldwide. They are very confused people. They are most emphatic in their hatred of traditional Western society and heritage, however, thus they cheer the globalist destruction of the West.

It is evident that all the Western government leaders, as well as most of the bought-and-paid-for career politicians, are globalists, and transnationalists. The media, of course, are nothing more than professional liars and masters of propaganda, transparent though they are. Trump has good cause to call them out for their brazen lying.

Was Merkel just following a blueprint that Greenhill’s writings describe? No doubt all the establishment ‘leaders’ and politicians are working from the same script, carrying out policies that have been in the planning stage for decades if not longer, all just acting as spokesmen or puppets of the real movers and shakers, who like to keep a low profile.

Now if only the average person could grasp the idea that no, it isn’t just about ”importing more Democrat voters” or ”keeping wages down” although those things certainly appeal to certain factions within the establishment. And it definitely isn’t all spontaneous, as if suddenly millions of people would simultaneously go on the march to find more desirable conditions. It would be one massive coincidence if it were so.

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