Clerics meddling, so where’s the ACLU now?

Or that group headed by left-wing cleric Barry Lynn, something like Americans for Separation of Church and State? Oh that’s right; they only want church and state separated when the church involved is traditional and Bible-based. Left-wing ‘churches’ get free rein to meddle in politics. I seem to remember those pro-separation types going after people like James Dobson (who is not even that conservative, really) when they endorsed candidates or otherwise dabbled in politics. But now we have a Catholic archbishop telling Catholics that they shouldn’t support Donald Trump’s policies regarding excluding Mohammedans from immigrating.

In addition to that, we read of the Antiochan Orthodox Christian Archdiocese spokesman saying that all “hateful speech and actions” directed against Moslems by Christians must be stopped.

So why don’t the ACLU and Barry Lynn et al speak out against these men making political pronouncements or injecting their private Christian faith into the public square? It appears religion in public life is bad only when it violates the Official State Religion of Political Correctness/Cultural Marxism. This is the Church to which Lynn as well as the Catholic archbishop and the Antiochan Orthodox cleric also worship, it appears.

From the Antiochan Orthodox Christian website:

As Orthodox Christians, we take to heart the commandments of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, especially the commandment that He has told us is the greatest, that is “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39).
We have watched with dismay as several public figures have played on the fear which they assume has swept over this country. Specifically, a recent news release from the Trump campaign has called for “a total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the United States”. We reject in the strongest possible terms both this specific call, and all speech and actions which would encourage hate and persecution against any group of people.”

Is it ‘hate and persecution’ not to let someone into our country? There are people in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and especially South Africa and Zimbabwe who would like to immigrate here, but they would likely be, and have in some cases been, turned down flat, and sent home. We’ve seen a German Christian family deported back to Germany, from which they fled because the German government wanted to remove their children from the home. Why? Because they homeschooled their children, on which practice the German government frowned. I call that inhumane and discriminatory, especially when we promiscuously let in millions of Third World people from hostile and backward countries. We are seeing the toxic fruits of that promiscuity now.

And it is inhuman to deny entry to the South Africans and Rhodesians (yes, I know it’s now Zimbabwe, but it’s a travesty of a country) whose very lives are in danger. And these are mostly Christian people. Why discriminate against them? Perhaps because of the lack of melanin in their skin?

The Antiochan Orthodox clergyman, lecturing us Christians about loving our neighbor, should also realize that as Christians we have a moral right to prefer our Christian brethren whose lives (or at least family intactness, in the case of the German family) are in jeopardy.

We know, statistically, that the vast majority of the Syrians and assorted refugees of unknown nationality are NOT Christian but Mohammedan, and we’ve seen that an undetermined number are hostile to us and are proving to be a danger to life and safety for both Europeans and our folk. And yet we are supposed to open our doors wider to them? The Bible does not enjoin us to lay down our lives willy-nilly rather than be seen as ‘not nice’ or ‘unfair’ or ‘discriminatory.’ Discrimination means the same as discernment, a quality which every Christian is taught to cultivate, to sharpen to a keen edge, and to use in making ‘righteous judgment.’ We are not called to ”tolerate” anything and everything. We in the West are not given a divine mission to be responsible for the entire world, especially the Moslem world. Mohammedans make up a much, much bigger percentage of the world than we of European descent and Christian faith. They are to look out for their own, as we are for ours. We cannot, practically speaking, care for everybody. We are few; they are many, in proportion.

One more thought that occurs to me, regarding the Antiochan Orthodox denomination. I know that its roots are in the Middle East, and the names of the clergymen quoted sound Middle Eastern. So their protectiveness towards Moslems would appear to be rooted in cultural/ethnic/racial solidarity, because otherwise we are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. I’ve noted before that some Arab nationalist activists in the Middle East are of Christian background; they appear to have sympathies towards Islam for cultural reasons or because of blood kinship, in some cases.

And I’ve noticed that some on the ethnonationalist right, because of the extreme leftwing trend among American Christian churches, have actually converted to some version of the Orthodox faith because, they say, it’s more favorable to ethnocentrism. But then since that branch of the Christian faith is more rooted in Eastern and Southern Europe and the Middle East, how can an Anglo-American or Anglo-Celtic or Germanic American find a home in those denominations, which are culturally particularistic?

It appears to me that all the denominations are going equally astray; maybe only a few independent churches or home-churches are managing to avoid being caught up in the leftist, universalist, globalist Church of Political Correctness. Pretty soon the Americans for the Separation of Church and State can close up shop, because the few churches which don’t follow the secular one-world zeitgeist are dwindling away. There will be no danger of  the ”right-wing theocracy” the left has been shrieking about. The Church has capitulated to the omnipresent One World System.

2 thoughts on “Clerics meddling, so where’s the ACLU now?

  1. Typically, these people twist Scripture by adding to it. Love your neighbor does not say to love all neighbors equally. Here they are trying to replace the biblical hierarchy of affections with their Marxist principle of equality–a principle derived from the sin of envy.


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