Chaos in Germany’s refugee camps

This story, which is one of a number of such stories, surely gives the lie to the motto that ‘‘diversity is our strength.” Diversity, especially amongst widely disparate groups of people, leads inexorably to conflict. That conflict may end up in violence, as we are seeing in these refugee riot stories.

This particular incident involved Syrians and Eritreans. Another incident involved Senegalese. Again, we were lied to when we were led to think that the majority of the ‘refugees’ were Syrians fleeing a war-torn country, ”widows and orphans.” They are mostly young males of military service age, not widows and three-year-old children.

“In the town of Karlsfeld, just north of the Bavarian capital, a group of invaders attacked security personnel after they were asked to stop playing football in the middle of a living area.

The invaders immediately set upon the security personnel with sticks, stones, and other items.
Over 40 policemen had to be deployed to halt the unprovoked attack, and two invaders, both from Senegal, were arrested, although later released, the police said.  A total of three invaders and four security personnel had to be treated at a local hospital for wounds suffered in the incident.”
I expressed the thought that maybe this tidal wave of ‘refugees’ were just the 21st century Marielitos.
“In the Spring of 1980, Fidel Castro opened the Cuban port of Mariel to those wishing to leave. Among the 125,000 who took advantage of this opportunity to migrate to the United States were thousands of criminals, sex offenders, and mental patients. Police officials and fellow refugees place the number of undesirables at 40,000. The Marielitos brought no records with them. U.S. authorities could not even verify their names.”
Many believe Castro purposely sent his undesirables to our shores. Why not, if we were so eager to prove our ”moral superiority” by opening our arms to any Cuban who wanted to flee here? Our naive (or disingenuous) politicians, especially on the ”right”, believed that the Cuban ”refugees” were conservative people who wanted to breathe free and participate in our wonderful free-market system. It was a propaganda coup, so our politicians thought, but Castro had the last laugh. 
Whoever is engineering this ‘refugee’ influx into Europe and the West is probably laughing at us now. 
I do feel for the citizens of Europe who had no say in this matter.
And speaking of having no say, how about this news of the social media, including FB, Twitter, and yes, Google, teaming up with Frau Merkel’s regime to censor speech critical of the ”wave of Syrian [sic] immigration”?  How long before that ban on free expression spills over into our country, and blog posts like this one will no longer be allowed? The apostles of ‘tolerance’ don’t practice what they preach. 
Free speech: use it (while you still can) or lose it.

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